Appendix C. A list of the rogues. A list of the mob riotously assembled together in Bladen County, October 13, 1773

From: Britt, Morris F. Appendices to Implosion: A history of the Lumbee Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina. Unpublished book-length manuscript.

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A List of the Rogues*
A List of the Mob Raitously Assembled together in Bladen County
October I3th 1773
A Petition by Archibald McKissack, J.P., regarding the number of "free
negroes annoying the inhabitants of Bladen County."

The petition, dated
Dec. 18, 1773, was rejected by the House of Assembly.

Last Name First Name
Ivey Captain James
Ivey Joseph
Sweat Ephriam
Clark William Chavers Commonly called Boson Chevers
Groom Richd.
Dees Bengman
Sweat Willm.
Sweat George
Sweat Bengamin
Groom Willm. Senr.
Groom Willm. Junr.
Grant Gideon
Groom Thos.
Pace James
Vaun Issac
Stapbleton [Torn] [Probaby Alex Stapleton, listed in 1790 census]
Locklear Edward
Locklear Ticely
Locklear Major**
Groom Richer**
Cairsey [Kersey] Ester**

The Above List of Rogues is all free Negroes and Mullatus living upon the Kings Land.

The title "Captain" for James lvey may suggest that he was a Militia Captain of the region or the title may have been purely honorific. Note the historically new or additional Lumbee names of Dees [Deese], Grant, Groom, Pace, Sweat and Vaun. Their appearance supports the idea that more and different Lumbee families were being added to or drawn to the Greater Lumbee Settlement in the late 1760s and early 1770s.

*This list was stored with Bladen County Miscellaneous Records from ca 1959 until November, 1988, in the N.C. Archives. See General Assembly Session Records, December, 1773 ,Box 6, N.C. State Archives, Raleigh, N.C.

**These names are listed as "Harbourers of the Rouges."