Appendix G. An index of Lumbee Indians taken from the BellSouth phone listing of Robeson County, 2003*

From: Britt, Morris F. Appendices to Implosion: A history of the Lumbee Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina. Unpublished book-length manuscript.

Dr. Britt has specified the following usage limitations: Not to be reprinted for publication without written consent of the author. May be used privately.

The following rank ordered list of Lumbee family names provides an approximation of the relative number of Lumbee families found among Robeson County telephone listings in 2003.

Rank Name Approx. Number
1. Locklear 2986
2. Hunt 859
3. Oxendine 750
4. Chavis 412
5. Low(e)ry 372
6. Strickland 212
7. Dial 199
8. Cummings 191
9. Revels 112
10. Hardin 88
11. Bell 86
12. Wilkins 80
13. Brayboy 64
14. Brewington 38
15. Ransom 32
16. Barton 30
17. Bowen 14
18. Sweat 12
19. Warriax 11
20. Hatcher 6
21. Smiling 2
22. Kersey 1
23. Cumbo 0

*These numbers are approximate because of various ways of spelling names, business listings for phones, and numbers for children's phones. In addition, not all communities and towns were listed simply as "Robeson County." The approximate rank order indicating the prevalence of each Lumbee surname, however, is probably accurate. The fammily Locklear is more than three times as large as the second most frequent Lumbee name of Hunt. It can be readily seen that the top dozen surnames easily encompass the vast majority of Lumbees found in Robeson County. Note that several of the first, core or founding families (e.g., Kersey, Cumbo) are virtually gone from the area.