Appendix J. Early Lumbees in Robeson from deed and land grant references

From: Britt, Morris F. Appendices to Implosion: A history of the Lumbee Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina. Unpublished book-length manuscript.

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Often those listed filed for land seven or eight years before they actually patented the land.

Name Date Location
Braveboy, David 1770's 5 Mile Branch
Braveboy, Joshua 1767 Mill Prong of Raft Swamp
Chavers [Chavis], Ishmael 1772 E of Drowning Creek, 1779 S of Ashpole Swamp
Cumbee, Nathaniel 1791 Three Grants totalling 150 acres on Bear Swamp and Drowning Creek
Cubow, Cannon 1773 Southwest of Drowning Creek
Doyal (Dial), James 1788 On Ashpole Swamp
Drigurs [Driggers], Ephram 1779 Bull Branch west of Shoe Heel; a tract on Bull Branch of Little Pee Dee, was lost through forclosure for debt before 1786
Gibson, Wm. 1782 Prong of Big Swamp
Hains, Samuel 1782 W of Ashpole next to Dudley Locklear
Hammons, John 1779 Before 1779 south of Saddletree Swamp
Jackson, Thomas 1780 North of Ten Mile Swamp.
Kersey, James 1789 East of Drowning Creek adjacent to Sweating
Kersey, Thomas 1769 [Deed Book A, 81-83] Bear Swamp' he died between 1770 and 1787 without leaving a will, and the land went to his eldest son James Kersey
Locklear, Dudley 1779 South of Ashpole Swamp
Locklear, John 1764 East of Long Swamp
Lowery, James 1767 Mill Prong of Raft Swamp; as a buisiness man he bought and sold numerous properties in Robeson - many parcels to other Lumbees
Oxendine, 1750's? The Oxendines were among the earliest to arrive
Revels, Edmund 1784 East of Long Swamp
Stapleton, Alexander 1783 Sold land on Aaron's (Aaron Odem's) Swamp tp James Lowery
Strickland, John 1788 Died in 1788 leaving land to Abram Strickland east of Drounding Creek.
Sweat, Robert 1754 On Shoe Heel Swamp near the Colony (State) line
Sweeting, Elisha 1775 Land east of Shoe Heel Swamp sold to John Cade in 1784

The above data is abstracted from the first deed books of Robeson before 1800 and land grant records. Ethnic identify is not 100% certain for all the above individuals, but most are clearly Lumbee. Allowing for a possible five to ten years before a patent was actually granted, these families appear to have arrived in current Robeson roughly between 1750 and 1787, when Robeson County was created out of Bladen. Nearly all lived adjacent to other Lumbee families, and many bought land from James Lowery at Harper's Ferry on Drowning Creek.