Good Luck Ashton Locklear! Lumbee Olympic Gymnastics Hopeful

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Walker, Richard. "Good Luck Ashton Locklear! Lumbee Olympic Gymnastics Hopeful." Indian Country. July 8, 2016


Ashton Locklear, a gymnast and expert at the uneven bars, is currently in San Jose for the United States Olympic Trials. Locklear won her first title at 5 years old and won national and international titles in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

If chosen, Locklear would be the first Lumbee Indian to compete in gymnastics for the United States at the Olympics. The majority of the article is an interview with her. She mentions her Lumbee pride, saying, “There has never been a Lumbee gymnast in the Olympics, and they are all relying on me to be the first. And I hope to make them all proud and to bring recognition to my people.”

Even former Miss Lumbee Jackie Jacobs has set up a page to fund the travels of Locklear’s family. See:

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