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Banks Alicia Embattled Robeson County school board draws ire of nearly 150 at forum
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Barnes Billy E. Study Prints
Barnes Greg 5 weeks after Matthew: Governor, hurricane recovery committee talk recovery for Lumberton
Barnes Greg Tarnished Hopes: Corruption Surrounds Ex-Sheriff's Tenure.
Barnett Barbara Historian Claims Evidence for Theory on Lost Colony.
Barnhill Jane Blanks Sacred Grounds: "Gone but Not Forgotten"
Barnhill Jane Blanks Sacred grounds: Robeson County, NC Indian cemeteries
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Barreiro Jose Drug Terror at Lumbee: Does Justice Mean ‘Just-Us’ in Robeson County?
Barreiro Jose One Murder Too Many: The Assassination of Julian Pierce
Barton Bruce As I See It (column): White male files discrimination complaint at RCC.
Barton Bruce Double voting' in Robeson County: A reminder of an unequal past.
Barton Bruce Danford Dial remembered.
Barton Bruce Robeson County Indian Migration to the Claxton, Georgia Area.
Barton Bruce As I See It (column): Dwight Lowry remembered at the NCHSAA
Barton Bruce As I see it (column): I call on Lumbee SDC to change location of swearing in of Tribal Council & Chairman to a more historic & symbolic place
Barton Bruce Thinking out loud about the Tribal Council, LRDA, life's vagaries etc. . .
Barton Bruce An Indian manifesto: Bruce Barton’s The best of—As I see it
Barton Bruce As I See It (column): Herbert H. Locklear remembered
Barton Bruce Henry Berry Lowry and the Lumbee Indians.
Barton Bruce Looking back while walking forward (column): 'Distinguished visitor, extraordinary application.
Barton Bruce Religious Experience an Important Part of Lumbee Heritage.
Barton Bruce UNC-Pembroke seeks new image.
Barton Garry Lewis I'm not a bad apple, folk
Barton Garry Lewis Ranting and raving (column): Every rose has a thorn...
Barton Gary Lewis The Life and Times of Henry Berry Lowry.
Barton Gary Lewis Henry Berry, a bigger-than-life hero.
Barton Gary Lewis Through Native Eyes premiers May 1st at UNC-P.
Barton Gary Lewis Why'd y'all slap my daddy's face?
Barton Lew De-Indianization’ Trend Observed at Pembroke U.
Barton Lew The most ironic story in American history: An authoritative, documented history of the Lumbee Indians of North Carolina
Barton Lew Evidence of legal ‘Indianness’ shown in long-lost document.
Barton Lew Amaziah Chavis: The Success Story of One Lumbee Farmer
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Barton Lew List of Common Lumbee Terms.
Barton Lew A Report on the Robeson County Indian
Barton Lew Lumbee Leader Has Lived a Full and Fruitful Life.
Barton Lew Day Starts Early, Ends Late for This Friend of Mankind.
Barton Lew Most Influential Man Among the Lumbee Dies.
Barton Lew Lumbee Indians Honored Seawell with 1959 ‘First American Award’.
Barton Lew Beside the trickling brook: a collection of poems by Lew Barton
Barton Lewis Randolph Contrasts
Barton Peggy BIA Building Homes for Recognized Indians in Robeson.
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Batten Sammy Lowry's love of children was foremost
Batten Sammy Pembroke still a close-knit town.
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Bauerlein Valerie Hurricane Matthew Hits a North Carolina Tribe Particularly Hard
Baxley Jaymie Miss Lumbee suspended in music video controversy
Baxley Jaymie Brick by Brick: Lumbee Tribal Housing Complex - | Behind the tribe's turtle-shaped HQ
Baxley Jaymie Robeson County rocker on red carpet – | Sevendust guitarist talks Grammy nomination
Baxley Jaymie Pembroke attorney sworn in as judge
Baxley Jaymie Author explores her Lumbee heritage in new book
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Bennet Walter H., Jr. Lawyers talking: UNC Law Graduates and their service to the state. Judge Dexter Brooks: loyalty to community, service to the state.
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Biank Tanya S. NAACP protests hiring in Robeson school system.
Biank Tanya S. Lumbee Tribal Council oppose bill introduced by Rose.
Biank Tanya S. Race an open issue in Robeson County
Bible Jean Patterson Are They Kin to the ‘Lost Colony’?
Bibson J. Press, Sr. What became of Henry Berry Lowrey, notorious Robeson bandit chief?
Bidgood Jess North Carolina, still reeling from Hurricane Matthew, stares at Irma
Bigelow Scott Scholarship established to honor Dexter Brooks.
Bigelow Scott Indian Group Wants House District
Bigelow Scott Pembroke honored as state’s top small town
Bigelow Scott Enrollment dip to cost schools $1 million
Bigelow Scott No easy fix to school funding
Bigelow Scott Cooper signs legislation that opens funding doors for Lumbee Tribe
Bigelow Scott Tuscaroras plan to appeal recognition rejection
Bigelow Scott Kelvin Sampson comes home to Pembroke
Bigelow Scott SATW Move to I-95 Pondered.
Bigelow Scott Race, School Choice Not Only Achievement Factors.
Bigelow Scott Top School Post Is Offered to Purnell Swett.
Bigelow Scott Rev. McLean: Early Presbyterian Leader.
Biggs Bo Milton Hunt to lead Democrats
Biggs Kate Britt Census of 1800, Robeson County, North Carolina
Biggs Kate Britt Census of 1850, Robeson County, North Carolina.
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Bledsoe Jerry Battle of Emotion Over a Building They Love.
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Bledsoe Jerry Mr. Winkley Likes the Old
Bledsoe Jerry ‘Our Schools Are Close to Us’: Will Loss of Indian Schools Mean Loss of Identity?
Bledsoe Jerry ... Still Suffering and Hungry: Desperately Poor Lumbees Are There If You Look
Blu Karen I 'Reading back' to find community: Lumbee ethnohistory.
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Blu Karen I. Lumbee.
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Blu Karen I. 5. Region and recognition: Southern Indians, anthropologists, and presumed biology.
Blue Brantley Wants To Preserve ‘Old Main’ and Get New Auditorium Too.
Blue Denise The Lumbee: legends, lies, and lives.
Blythe Anne Lumbees of NC sue Anheuser-Busch over trademark use in Budweiser ads
Blythe Anne Anheuser-Busch distributor removes Budweiser ads that offended Lumbees of NC
Blythe Anne Did Robeson County sheriff hide evidence in James Jordan killing investigation?
Bolch Judy Indian Mysteries for Sale.
Bonham Chad Wrestling with God: 10 Stories of modern day warriors who came face to face with the Creator
Bonney Rachel A. Ethnic Studies Guide and Resources Manual for the Carolinas.
Borchert John L. WNCC Organizes New Native American Church.
Bordewich Fergus M. Ch.2: We Ain't Got Feathers and Beads.
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Boughman Arvis The Lumbee language is coming back?
Boughman Arvis The Lumbee language is back!
Boughman Arvis Locklear Herbal remedies of the Lumbee Indians.
Bow Leslie The interstitial Indian: The Lumbee and segregation's middle caste.
Bowden Barry Report says Justice Not Equitable for Indians
Braveboy-Locklear Barbara Real Indian art.
Braveboy-Locklear Barbara Local artist creates work for 'SATW' art auction.
Braveboy-Locklear Barbara Lumbee artist dancing 'the Spiral Dance.'
Braveboy-Locklear Barbara Homecoming: an anthology by Writers Ink Guild
Brayboy Bryan McKinley The Indian and the researcher: tales from the field
Brayboy Connee Court rules neither LRDA nor Tribal Council is government but gives LRDA 'limited authority' to act on behalf of tribe
Brayboy Connee Adolph Blue known as a man of principle and integrity
Brayboy Connee Jacobs becomes tribal administrator amid allegations of non-compliance of federal rules and regulations
Brayboy Connee Jacobs becomes tribal administrator amid allegations of non-compliance of federal rules and regulations
Brayboy Connee Pembroke in the Twentieth Century.
Brayboy Connee Remembering senior resident Superior Court judge Sandy Dexter Brooks.
Brayboy Shannon Lorna McNeill: a phenomenal woman.
Brayboy Tim Playing before an overflow crowd: the story of Indian basketball in Robeson, North Carolina, and adjoining counties
Brewer Jeutonne Tokens in the Pocosin: Lumbee English in North Carolina.
Brice Pam Shuler co-sponsors bill with adversary.
Bridgers John Bracey Groundwater pollution potential: a case study of Robeson County, North Carolina.
Bridges Elinor PSU Library’s History Linked to Progress.
Briggs Delores Control County School Board: Sociologist
Briggs Olin Further Hearings with Subpoena Powers Eyed as Civil Rights Advisory Panel Ends Sessions Here
Briley Mollye Hughes A Study of the Interpersonal Value Orientations of Extension Homemakers in Robeson County, NC.
Britt Albert Down the Lumbee.
Britt Grant National Folk Festival: Dark Water Rising led by soulful powerhouse
Britt Morris Indian Names in Robeson County
Britt Morris F. Robeson County Indian Names: An Analysis Based upon the Census of 1910.
Britt Morris F. Appendix T. List of Lumbee surnames with dates of appearance in the greater Lumbee Settlement (N=523 surnames) 1740-2007.
Britt Shannon Local gospel singer enjoying wave of success.
Britten Thomas A. American Indians in World War I: at home and at war.
Brooker Lena Epps The blessings of Boone
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Brooks Dexter Desegregation in Robeson: Old Misrepresentations and New Directions.
Brooks Dexter Memorandum. Subject: A Survey of Federal Voting Law with Applications to Robeson County, North Carolina
Brooks Drew Former sheriff [Glenn Maynor] wins new sentence
Brooks Jada Interactive Behaviors of American Indian Mothers and Their Premature Infants
Brooks Jada Interactive Behaviors of Ethnic Minority Mothers and Their Premature Infants
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Brooks Paul Tribal chair doubts validity of study
Brooks Paul A letter from the Indian Commission to President Molly Broad.
Brower Montgomery The Murder of Julian Pierce Provokes Grief and Grievances in Troubled Robeson County
Brown Cynthia The vanished Native Americans: unrecognized tribes.
Brown Cynthia Reply to letter from Richard H. Houghton III.
Brown D. Radical’ Farm Venture for Indians Nears End
Brown Dick This Carolina Mystery Still Unsolved.
Brown Dick Pembroke State College Answers Indians’ Desire for Higher Education.
Brown Dick U.S. Stakes Lumbees to New Future
Brown Dick More Lowry saga.
Brown Dick The Indians who routed the ‘Catfish’.
Brown J.C. Indian 4-H Boys and Girls Learn Lesson in Living
Brown Joye Indians Lose Appeal of School Convictions.
Brown L. A. Indian Training School: Robeson County Indians and A. W. McLean Before House of Congress Committee—Ask for Appropriation of $50,000.
Brown Tonya Rumors of violence lead to thousands skipping school in Robeson and Dillon counties
Brown Wendy Home remedies - and pinch of faith - cure ills in N.C.
Brownell Margo S. Note: Who is an Indian? Searching for an answer to the question at the core of federal Indian law.
Bryan Susan Montoya American Indians ask for voice on federal court
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Burchette Bob 1st Indian on School Board Not a ‘Token’.
Burgess Elizabeth The Twins' Cafe, with 58 recipes from the characters.
Burgess Harvey Deadliest Prosecutor' Once Opposed Death Penalty
Burgess Harvey Violence Seldom Crosses Racial Lines
Burke Brandon R. Isolation and identification of bioactive compounds from Lumbee medicinal plants.
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Butler George E. The Croatan Indians of Sampson County, North Carolina: Their Origin and Racial Status: A Plea for Separate Schools.
Byers Donnie Past, future on display at Odom (sp) home dedication
Byrd William L., III In Search of Cultural Identity. Part 2.