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Calhoun Jennifer Wealth adds on years: a study shows people in poor counties like Robeson don't live as long as those with more.
Cannon Sarita Racing towards manhood: The construction of Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance
Carroll Ginny Indians’ Suit Dismissed in Wake Court.
Carroll John S. Baltimore's Lumbees: Lost Colonists?
Carter J.L. Burnt Swamp Association History Traced.
Carter Kevin Conspiracy to Kill Native American Activist?
Carter Lisa Vines of Entanglement
Carter Stephen L. Rename Redskins after NC Lumbee
Cavin Winston Indians in Guilford in 'Catch-up Game' but GNAA Helping
Cella Matthew Activist forces retitling of play; change omits use of ‘Indians’
Ceriano Valerie Athletes beat prejudice, graciously accept plaque
Chamberlain Knight Here she is . . . Miss North Carolina.
Chamberlain Knight Answering the call: Cummings set to accept N.C. Baptist leadership role
Chamberlain Knight McNeill doesn't believe in 'what if.'
Chamberlain Knight Budget includes Lumbee money
Chamberlain Knight Lumbees hope for state boost
Chamberlain Knight Ex-sheriff Maynor faces punishment
Chamberlain Knight Lela Brooks: An Example of the Power of Folk Art.
Chavers Dean The Lumbee Story, Part I—Origin of the Tribe.
Chavers Dean The Lumbee Story—Part II: A Short History of the Lumbees Since 1800.
Chavers Dean Some serious questions for the UNC-P Chancellor's Search Committee and other leadership.
Chavis Abner Cherokee Indians of Robeson—They Need More and Better Schools No Provision for Care of Insane of the Race.
Chavis Ben The Teacher-Student Relationships as Perceived by Lumbee Indians.
Chavis Ben What is Lumbee Indian culture? Does it exist?”
Chavis Ben Crazy like a fox: one principal's triumph in the inner city.
Chavis Ben The teacher-student relationships as perceived by Lumbee Indians
Chavis Preston Memoirs of a Lumbee Native American boy.
Chavis Vanessa Aspects of a Lumbee Indian community that support successful algebra one students academically in middle grades.
Chavis-Chitwood Mary E. Biography of James M. Chavis
Cheek L. Lumbees: A Silent Struggle
Chesnutt Charles Waddell Mandy Oxendine: A Novel.
Chesnutt Charles Waddell Mandy Oxendine: a novel
Chicotel Sally The list 500.
Christopher Megan Persons with Disabilities in Robeson County, North Carolina: An Action-Oriented Community Diagnosis: Findings and Next Steps of Action.
Church Leon H. Riddle of History Solved in Lebanon.
Clabby Catherine Investigating Heart Health for Lumbee Women
Clark Kenneth D. Lumbee Indian Migration to Detroit and Their Success in Adjustment
Clark Vinita The historical making of the movie Through Native Eyes: The Henry Berry Lowrie story.
Clark Vinita Where is the Beef? (The Lumbee Housing Money) The people certainly don’t have it! [Letter to the Editor]
Clarke James F. Walking in balance: Looking back while moving forward. Rediscovering the Lumbee language and moving into the 21st century
Clay Russell Injunction bars Klan from Robeson rally.
Clifford William B. Modern and Traditional Value Orientations and Fertility Behavior in a Rural County.
Clifford William B. Labor Force Participation of Working Mothers and Family Formation
Cline Ed Old Main Likely to Cost Taxpayers A Million-Plus.
Clotfelter Sallie Pembroke Has Special Place in the Hearts of Lumbee Indians.
Coggshall Elizabeth Differential Vowel Accommodation among Two Native American Groups.
Coggshall Elizabeth The prosodic rhythm of two varieties of Native American English.
Cohen David Steven Valid objections to recognition by Congress
Cohen Felix S. Memorandum for the Commissioner of Indian Affairs
Coit J. Panel Cites Robeson Bias
Coit John Robeson Indians Arrested.
Coit John Robeson Indians Arrested.
Coit John Hunt, Indians Meet; Holshouser Spurned.
Coit John Authorities, Media Blamed for Poor Indian Showing.
Coit John Indians Rally Against Democrats on Razing Plan.
Coit John The Gentle Warrior for Lumbee Indians
Coit John Indians Organize; Celebrate Holiday.
Cole James William Guide to the James William Cole Papers, 1863, 1946-1967
Cole Willard G. Robeson Indian Drama Proposed.
Coleman D. Van Through Native Eyes: The Henry Berry Lowry Story.
Collins Kristin Violence plagues Lumbees who are trying to stem tide; tribe in Robeson gets $30,000 state grant to study death rates.
Collins Marcus Navigating the Academy: Lumbee Indians and Higher Education
Conley Manuel A. Henry Berry Lowry House, North Carolina Indian Cultural Center: preliminary evaluation of interpretive data.
Cook Andrew M. 'Thirty Thousand Half-Breeds' And 'Negroes with Guns': The Violent Formulation of Race in 1950s North Carolina.
Cooper Richard Henry Berry Lowry: Rebel With a Cause.
Corbin A.S. Preliminary Report/Proposed Settlement 100 Families-Pembroke-Robeson County-N.C.
Corey Mary Sunday Snapshots (column): Herbert Locklear
Costo Rupert An Object Lesson: The Lumbee Observance of Indian Heritage Week.
Couch Greg A cheater 'learns,' but mostly just earns
Cox Stephanie Ann Minority Political Participation in North Carolina.
Cox William Norment The Scuffletown Outlaws: A Carolina Folk-Play.
Coyle Norman Adoption Problems Among Ethnic Groups: Lumbee Indian Children.
Craven Charles The Robeson County Indian uprising against the Ku Klux Klan.
Craven Charles The night the Klan died in North Carolina.
Craver Richard High Point, N.C., businessman appointed to Charlotte Federal Reserve Office.
Crenshaw David L. Employing Lumbee Native American Stories to Identify Selective Cultural Distinctives within Native American Churches for the Purpose of a Counseling Ministry.”
Crockett Charles Warren ‘Issues’ Believe Croatans Their Ancestors; Clues Few.
Croom Edward Mortimer Medicinal plants of the Lumbee Indians
Culbreth John Officials Defend Funding Methods.
Culbreth John County Files Action to Void Funding Mandate.
Culbreth John Oxendine Installed as Chancellor, Pledges PSU to Community Service.
Culbreth John Cultural Center in Jeopardy Due to Land Dispute.
Culbreth John County Usurps Power to Appoint Unity Members; Chair Resigns in Protest
Culbreth John County Usurps Power to Appoint Unity Members; Chair Resigns in Protest
Cummings Delano Moon Dash Warrior: the story of an American Indian in Vietnam, a Marine from the land of the Lumbee.
Cummings Delano Local author holds book signing at Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
Cummings Delano River dreams: tales of a Lumbee warrior
Cummings Wendy Moore Lumbee writers and artists' works solicited for upcoming anthology
Cunningham Henry “1st for Lumbees: a Navy admiral.”
Cunningham Peggy Lumbees Feel Problems Have Been Exaggerated
Currie A.D. A run from the Lowrie Gang.
Cushman Tom Brush with success did not come easily to Locklear.
Cuthrell Harold Glenn The charge of the Lumbee Indians.
Czarnecki M. Diary of an exploding judge: a novel.