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Edens H.L. Indian Race Problems: True Cause of Frequent Contentions Among Indians of Robeson Over Indian School Matters.
Edmonds Ronni At Mashantucket Native Americans find opportunity
Edwards John Carver Harris County bounty men and the ubiquitous Mr. Applewhite.
Edwards Tom Old Main: A Commentary.
Egerton John Six Districts, Three Races and More Things.
Eliades David K. The Lumbee Indians: Searching for Justice, Searching for Identity.
Eliades David K. Pembroke State University: A Centennial History.
Eliades David K. A Conversation with Walter Pinchbeck
Elliott Carl Adventures in the gene pool.
Elliott Walker 'I Told Him I'd Never Been to His Back Door for Nothing': The Lumbee Indian Struggle for Higher Education under Jim Crow
Ellis Marion A. Native son
Elofson Matt Rebekah Revels in award; jury awards $11,000 to ex-Miss N.C.
Emanuel Ryan A Persistent People's Long Quest for Justice
Emanuel Ryan E. Water in the Lumbee world: A river and its people in a time of change
Emerson Pamela Marie A Newspaper Held Hostage: A Case Study of Terrorism and the Media
Emling Shelley A new policy: insurance commissioner has stepped on some big toes in 6 months
Estabrook Arthur H. Papers, 1910-1943 (APAP-069)
Evans R.L. Opposition to Proposed Name Change of Pembroke State University Surfaces.
Evans W. McKee To die game: the story of the Lowry Band, Indian guerillas of Reconstruction.
Evans W. McKee Henry Berry Lowry.
Evans W. McKee The North Carolina Lumbees: From Assimilation to Revitalization
Evans William To Die Game. (Unpublished screenplay)
Evans William Native Americans in the Civil War: Three perspectives.