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Feagans Brian 6 counties study groundwater, take pulse of aquifer, wells.
Ferbel Peter Jordan Reading Objects, Positioning Selves: Narratives of Material Culture and Social Identity at the Museum of the Native American Resource Center, Pembroke, North Carolina.
Ferreri Eric American Indians seek voice at UNC; the Carolina Indian Circle is quickly lobbying for increased recognition
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Fitch William Edward The First Founders in America, with Facts to Prove that Sir Walter Raleigh’s Lost Colony Was Not Lost.
Flaherty David T. Memorandum, March 25, 1988, from ... Secretary, Dept. of Human Resources, to the Governor's Robeson County Task Force, on Billy McKellar's Death
Flair Kim Red, White, and Black: Aliens in Our Own Land.
Flesher John Hostage-Trial Defendant Says 13 Witnesses Dead, Others Are Threatened
Floyd Galvin The influence of parents, teachers, and peers on occupational choice as perceived by rural Lumbee Indian ninth grade students.
Fogarty Mark Bright Spot in Indian Mortgages: Indian-Owned Banks
Fogarty Mark Federal government gives more seed money to Indian development groups
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Footlick Jerrold K. Crusading for Death
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Ford Thomas C. Play ball: the art of the big game has never been more popular.
Forde Kathy Roberts On the swamps: the politics of language, landscape and Lumbee identity
Fowler Scott Huntersville gymnast Ashton Locklear in Olympics limbo, but still celebrating
Fox Cynthia Gregory The Battle of Hayes Pond: The Ku Klux Klan versus the Lumbee Indians, Robeson County, North Carolina, 1958.
Fox Geoff 58 percent of county births to unwed mothers
Fox Geoff Will it work? Some express skepticism
Fox Geoff Almost half of county's grandparents get duty of raising their children's children.
Fox Geoff Painting brings 'SATW!' $8,500.
Fox Geoff COMtech lands first plant
Fox Geoff Best of the best: Robeson lawman gets national honor.
Fox Geoff 'SATW' returns to historical roots.
Fox Geoff Blue promises support for Lumbee recognition.
Fox Geoff “First Indian pilots reunite, reminisce after 40 years.”
Fox Geoff Dressed to thrill: cultural center all spruced up for open house.
Franklin Ben A. Indians Resist Integration Plan in Triracial County in Carolina
Franklin John Hope The Free Negro in North Carolina, 1790-1860.
Franklin John Hope The enslavement of free negroes in North Carolina.
Frederick Jack Humane Society names room to honor veterinarian Curt Locklear
Frederick Jack Brooks recalled as Lumbee icon, medical pioneer
Freeman Leroy Chairman: LRDA serves all Indians
Friedlander Brett NC native Sampson rebuilds his coaching career at Houston
Fuchs Estelle To Live On This Earth: American Indian Education.
Fulton David Bryant Henry Berry Lowery, the North Carolina outlaw. A tale of the Reconstruction period.
Fuquay John House denies spanking measure.
Furman McDonald Jim Smiling a Redbone: an interesting patriarch of unique people in privateer
Furman McDonald Jim Smiling a Redbone. An Interesting Patriarch of Unique People in Privateer
Futch Michael Baltimore becomes Lumbee home away from homeland
Futch Michael Lumbee church changes with community
Futch Michael Center gives Lumbees a sense of community
Futch Michael Lumbees look to the future
Futch Michael Lumbees coming home
Futch Michael Burnt Swamp meets Baltimore in Baptist church
Futch Michael Cape Fear profile: Oxendine finds career in family roots [Linda Ellen Oxendine]
Futch Michael FEMA freezes public assistance funding for Matthew relief
Futch Michael Lowery's band had brush with stardom.