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Gade Ole Population Dynamics of the Coastal Plains Region. Robeson County.
Gaillard Frye The pride of the Lumbees.
Gaillard Frye Lumbee Indians.
Gaillard Frye Desegregation Denies Justice to Lumbee Indians.
Gaillard Frye Cities Contradict Lumbees' Values
Galofaro Claire A protest in Trump Country brings home nation’s race divides
Gamble Douglass R. Pembroke Revitalization Program
Gardner Susan Speaking of Ella Deloria: conversations with Joyzelle Gingway Godfrey, 1998-2000, Lower Brule Community College, South Dakota.
Gardner Susan 'Weaving an epic story': Ella Cara Deloria's pageant for the Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina, 1940-1941.
Gardner Susan “A Native American Ogun: transforming West African belief in Leslie Marmon Silko's Almanac of the dead
Gardner Susan Not for publication, or: on not (yet, anyway) producing bicultural Lumbee auto-ethnography.
Garfield Ken United Methodists to Launch Mecklenburg Church for Indians.
Garland Greg Proposal seeks to end Indian teams; suggested resolution would direct schools to stop nickname use
Gasparoli Tom Native American woman does her part to boost cultural links
Gavaghan Carole Studio preserves joyful sounds.
Gazda Antoinette Through Native Eyes: The Henry Berry Lowrie Story (A Native American 'Robin Hood') - N.C. Director Van Coleman brings the legendary story of Henry Berry Lowrie to the screen.
Geiger Maurice D. Confidential Memorandum to Chief Justice Joseph Branch
Geiger Maurice D. A Report by the Rural Justice Center to the Chief Justice of North Carolina: An Update on Robeson County
Gellatly Michael Matthew damage at $2 B[illion]
Gellatly Mike Hotel refugees face deadline: Matthew victims unsure of next move
Gibbs Jeralene Leaders Optimistic About Lumbee Recognition.
Gilbert, Jr. William Harlan Memorandum Concerning the Characteristics of the Larger Mixed-Blood Racial Islands of the Eastern United States.
Gilbert, Jr. William Harlan Synoptic Survey of Data on the Survival of Indian and Part Indian Blood in the Eastern United States.
Gildemeister Enrique Eugene Local Complexities of Race in the Rural South: Racially Mixed People in South Carolina.
Gingrich Stephanie Pembroke Woman Strives to Better the Community
Gingrich Stephanie Area Native Promotes Indian Center’s Benefits.
Godfrey R. L. Thompson Selected as County's Public Defender
Godfrey R.L. About 4,500 Petition for Dismissal of Charges Against Hatcher, Jacobs
Godfrey R.L. Gov. Martin Names New D.A., Judge
Godfrey R.L. Mrs. Cummings, Son, Each Get 26-Month Terms
Godfrey R.L. Witnesses: No Fair Trial for Chavis in County
Godfrey R.L. Venue Changed for Chavis Trial
Godfrey R.L. Homecoming Renews a Sense of Tradition.
Godfrey R.L. Judicial Officials, Ministers Discuss Problems of County Justice System
Godwin Harvey, Jr. Tribal chairman: Disclosure of flood risk a necessity, especially in hard-hit areas like Robeson County [editorial]
Godwin Rebecca L. Breaking (and Keeping) Silences: Tricksters in Josephine Humphreys's Nowhere Else on Earth
Godwin W.H. Proposed Change of Name to Siouan.
Goins W.W. High Purpose of Croatan Indians: A Colony in Georgia
Goldsmith Thomas N.C. Rural Hospital Leader Worries About Looming ACA Repeal
Gonzalez Angela Eugenics as Indian Removal: Sociohistorical Processes and the De(con)struction of American Indians in the Southeast
Gorman John C. Henry Berry Lowry paper.
Graham Cinder H. Clarification on Tuscarora meetings
Grant Sandra They Work Here But Their Ties Are Elsewhere
Grant Sandra Indian Study Center Is First Involving City's Lumbees
Grant Sandra Adjusting to Different Pace, Ways of City Life Is Difficult for Indian
Graves Will A battle for the final spot
Gray Penn 30,000 North Carolinians Vote Themselves a Name.
Gray Penn ‘Indian Nations’ Sends Envoys to Tell Lumbees About Unity.
Green Paul The Last of the Lowries: A Play of the Croatan Outlaws of Robeson County, North Carolina.
Greenbaum Susan What's in a label? Identity problems of Southern Indian tribes
Greenbaum Susan What’s in a label? Identity problems of Southern Indian tribes
Gridley Marion E. Indians of Today
Griffith Bryan County Map: Growth of Adult Immigrant Population, 1990 to 2014: Immigrant share of adults quadrupled in 232 counties
Griffith Spencer In Dire Need of a Kidney Transplant, Charly Lowry Takes a New Look at Her Life's Work
Grimsley Will Robeson area is tensed as ugly rumors abound.
Gross Ariela J. Citizenship of the little races
Gruson Kerry Lumbees Seeking Political Power
Gustafson Robert K. The Religion of the Lumbee Indians.
Guyton Nanette Tribal Lawyer: Ruling Will Help Chances for Lumbee Bill.
Guyton Nanette House Panel To Vote Today on Lumbee Recognition.
Guyton Nanette Lumbee Leaders Vow to Continue to Fight for Recognition.
Guyton Nanette School Board Hirings Spark Controversy.
Guyton Nanette Official: Report Has Eased Judicial Inequities Against County's Indians
Guyton Nanette Lumbee Homecoming Helps Lumbees Keep in Touch with Heritage.
Guyton Nanette The Pierce Family ... Gospel Music Is Their Ministry.
Guyton Nanette Successful Pembroke Native Encourages Students.
Guyton Nanette Pembroke Town Council Gives Support to Drama Study.
Guyton Nanette Helms Is at Odds with Lumbee Recognition Petitioners.