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Hamilton Lee Pembroke Artist’s Work To Be Sold at SATW Auction.
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Hammonds Ronald The strongest verdict from recent trial was that the Lumbee people have no government
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Hannel Eric Lumbee: Reinterpreting a native american identity through peoplehood
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Harding A.B. Sojourning in Georgia-A Prosperous Colony of Indians
Harding Barry From the Office of the Superintendent
Harding Barry From the Office of the Superintendent.
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Harrell Hannah 'Slap 'em around a little if you have to but don't hurt 'em': the Lumbees and the Ku Klux Klan rally of 1958.
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Harrison Eric Some Hail N.C. Hostage-Takers as Heroes of Oppressed
Hasty Kim Sunday salute: Milton Hunt was a ‘true icon’ around Pembroke
Hasty Kim 'Handsome Ransom' was a leader in life
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Hatcher Eddie Takeover: The Trials of Eddie Hatcher
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Hawthorne Robert M., Jr. Freda Porter-Locklear
Hazard Anne Lumbees exhibit heritage at Smithsonian Festival.
Hazel Forest Black, White & ‘Other’: The Struggle for Recognition.
Healey Jon Sanford Introduces Bill to Give Lumbees Full Federal Recognition, but No Aid.
Healey Thomas Civil rights trailblazer leaves Indians better off
Hellerstein Erica Atlantic Coast Pipeline Unlikely to Bring Economic Development to Three Eastern North Carolina counties, Report Finds
Henderson Bruce Robeson civic leader dies at 69: Simeon Oxendine won fame confronting Klan.
Henderson Bruce Lumbees Fight for Recognition as Tribe.
Henderson Bruce Martin Names Charlotte Woman to Head NC Indian Commission.
Henderson Bruce Lumbee Indian Strives for Equality for All Races
Henderson Bruce Indians Free Hostages at Paper
Henderson Bruce Robeson Activist John Godwin Dies
Henderson Bruce No One Was to Be Hurt in Siege, Jacobs Said
Henderson Bruce Acquittals Draw Protest
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Henderson James E. The Croatan Indians of Robeson County.
Henderson Randi Indian Center Wants to Preserve Culture, Help Alcoholics
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Hicks Michell There are many factors to consider as Lumbee seek Tribal status
Hitt Greg Reports Allege Racism: Robeson Courts Unfair to Indians, Studies Say
Hitt Greg Robeson's Unsolved Murders Feed Unrest
Hitt Greg Young Lumbee Killed Pierce, Then Himself, Authorities Say
Hitt Greg Hatcher Accuses Government: 40 Indictments Put Off to Get Convictions, Attorney Says
Hitt Greg Indians Get Sympathy of Editor
Hitt Greg Violence Among Indians Hangs as a Backdrop to Investigation.
Hixenbaugh Mike Lumbee Tribal chairman challenges ordinance
Hixenbaugh Mike Congress adjourns without taking action on Lumbee recognition
Hixenbaugh Mike Lawyer alleges secret Lumbee meetings with gaming reps
Hixenbaugh Mike Crime keeps Robeson County down
Hixenbaugh Mike Lumbee Tribe honors tireless advocate
Hixenbaugh Mike Glenn Maynor to finish prison term at home
Hixenbaugh Mike Lumbee bill left out of Senate earmarks bill
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Horstick Eric Stac3 is a component of the excitation–contraction coupling machinery and mutated in Native American myopathy.
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Hunt Cynthia L. Looking back while walking forward.
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Hunter Tribe upset by Cumberland schools’ decision to not allow Lumbee grads to wear stole
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Hunter T. C. Bill could open new paths for Lumbee funding
Hunter TC Industrial recruiter calling it quits
Hunter TC $5.1M earmarked for Robeson
Hunter TC Robeson’s tax collection lags in NC
Hunter TC ACP clears key hurdle
Hunter TC Applications accepted beginning Thursday for Matthew-related housing help
Hunter TC Gas leak makes noise in Prospect
Hunter TC Tribe to close rolls to tweak enrollment rules