Bibliography Items by Author (first author only)

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Jablow Paul Lumbee Indians Gaining in Number but Losing Their Identity
Jackson F. L. C. Ethnogenetic layering (EL): an alternative to the traditional race model in human variation and health disparity studies
Jackson George Pullen White Spirituals of the Southern Upland.
Jackson Stacie Jane A comparative profile of vernacular phonology: Lumbee Vernacular English and African-American Vernacular English in Robeson County
Jacobs Allison Beliefs About Diabetes And Medication Adherence Among Lumbee Indians Living In Rural Southeastern North Carolina
Jacobs Ben The History of Lumbee Regional Development Association, Inc. (1968-1985)
Jacobs Chick Cooper announces major funding for Robeson County
Jacobs Chick Hurricane Matthew one year later: Heartache and resolve
Jacobs Darlene A Preliminary Review of Arrest and Incarceration Rates of Indians vs. Whites in the N.C. Judicial System.
Jacobs Darlene Establishment of ethics and economic committees and constitution tops Lumbee Tribal Council meeting.
Jaenicke Michael Sacred Grounds [Book Title].
Jaenicke Michael Tribal Conflict seeks solutions through alternative rock.
Jaenicke Michael SATW!: outdoor drama returns after two-year hiatus.
Jaenicke Michael N. C. woman to specialize in Native American studies at Harvard.
James Beverly Human tractor sets big goals, has lots of pull
Janson Donald Indians try to save old college building.
Jargon Julie Help in conquering obstacles; firm links minority entrepreneurs with clients via 'Net
Jarvis Craig Flags at half-staff for former Lumbee chairman
Jenkins Jay Lowry’s daughter buried by Indians.
Jenkins Paul B. American Indian Cross-Bow.
Jenkins Venita House hears plea for Lumbee recognition.
Jenkins Venita Siouan kin contest Lumbee recognition.
Jenkins Venita Lumbee recognition stalled.
Jenkins Venita Robeson SAT scores rise again
Jenkins Venita Lumbee tribal programs to continue
Jenkins Venita Genealogy project offers window into Lumbee history.
Jenkins Venita UNCP's Indian logo draws critics.
Jenkins Venita Separate Lumbee group exists online
Jenkins Venita Lumbee Tribe may amend laws
Jenkins Venita Robeson fights syphilis problem.
Jenkins Venita Complaint alleges hiring bias for Robeson judicial post
Jenkins Venita Lumbee Indian syphilis rate is high.
Jenkins Venita Pembroke mayor becomes Lumbee leader
Jenkins Venita Lumbee Indians plan second referendum
Jenkins Venita Pembroke native recognized for lifetime of advocacy [Helen Maynor Scheirbeck]
Jenkins Venita Lumbee tax plan surprises council
Jenkins Venita Maxton wants Tribe-Klan clash site.
Jenkins Venita Pembroke seeks tribal land swap
Jenkins Venita Art auction brings 'SATW' $57,000.
Jenkins Venita Lumbees encounter financial stuggles
Jenkins Venita Couple goes electronic with reading
Jenkins Venita Lumbees to form corporation.
Jenkins Venita Tribe to study homicides; Lumbee grant will cover crime, health issues.
Jenkins Venita Indian center supporters hope changes help.
Jenkins Venita UNCP to honor, say good-bye to James Chavis.
Jenkins Venita Meadors to succeed Oxendine.
Jenkins Venita Meadors: Time to 'beat the bushes.'
Jenkins Venita Race role in school chief hunt debated.
Jenkins Venita Indian letter stirs tension at Purnell Swett.
Jenkins Venita Swett principal speaks on safety
Jenkins Venita Lumbees set date with Senate panel.
Jennings Jan Ex-Padre Outfielder Hopes to Make Big Hit as Artist.
Johnson F. Roy The Algonquians.
Johnson F. Roy The Lost Colony in Fact and Legend.
Johnson Gerald W. By Reason of Strength.
Johnson Guy B. Personality in a White-Indian-Negro Community.
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Johnson Nancy Winora Symbolic Representation in Native American Lumbee Art.
Jones English The Educational and Occupational Status of Former Students of Vocational Agriculture of Pembroke High School, Pembroke, North Carolina
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Jordan Pat The Passions of Joe Freeman Britt
Jordan Pat The Passions of Joe Freeman Britt
Joyce Allison Harrington Language assessment of Lumbee Indian children in North Carolina.
Joyce Maureen Brantley Blue, Judge, GOP Indian Official, Dies
Juback Bob DOJ to Monitor Robeson County Polls Tomorrow
Jurgensen Paquita Lumbee Indians: Lost Colony Descendants?