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Lagrone Juanita Chavis: 'You can't teach passion'
Lagrone Juanita Teaching what she sews: quilter passes on knowledge of craft
Lagrone Juanita Artist passes on traditions, history
Lamm Laura Ashley The journey to the crown: Meet Victoria Huggins, Miss NC
Landry Alysa Robin Cummings: The New 'Mayor' at UNC Pembroke
Lang Melvin Fire Razes Former School for Indians in Robeson County.
Lang Melvin Indian Life: Doubt Stemming from Ancestral Uncertainty Sparks Robeson Unease.
Langdon Sarah E. Lessons learned from a community-based participatory research mental health promotion program for American Indian youth
Lapointe Joe Tiger Rookie Lowry: he's still a quiet guy, even on his big day
Lark Thomas Lumbees hope for business profits.
Lark Thomas Lumbees seek grant
Larsen Richard B. Numbers and Angela.
Larson Norma North Carolina's oldest inhabitants. Interview with B. W. "Billy" Lowery
Lavell William G. Memorandum To: Deputy to the Assistant Secretary—Indian Affairs (Tribal Services). From: Associate Solicitor, Indian Affairs. Subject: Lumbee Recognition Legislation.
Lawing Michelle F. The origin of the Robeson County Indians: A preliminary study.
Lawrence R.C. Wishart and the Loweries.
Lawrence R.C. Background of the Croatans.
Lawrence R.C. Pembroke Indian School.
Lawrence Robert Carbelle As You Love Your State, Hold Robeson.
Lawson John A new voyage to Carolina
Le Thuy Thanh Thi Lung cancer: Improving screening in rural clinic
Le Thuy Thanh Thi Colorectal cancer: Improving screening in a rural clinic
Leclerq Matt Revels’ former boyfriend found liable.
LeDuff Charlie At a slaughterhouse, some things never die; who kills, who cuts, who bosses can depend on race
Lee Tanya H. $380 Million More to Benefit Farmers, Ranchers in Keepseagle Compromise
Lee Winkie Walking in two worlds: Lumbee Indians preserve their identity through storytelling
Legerton Mac Speaking truth with power to those in power
Legerton Mac Mac Legerton: We need better schools, not bigger schools
Leland Eilzabeth The land of a legend.
Leland Elizabeth Robeson Sorts Out Murders
Lentz Harris M., III Tatanka
Lerch Patricia Barker State-Recognized Indians of North Carolina, Including a History of the Waccamaw Sioux.
Levensky Kay The Performance of American Indian Children on the Draw-A-Man Test.
Levin S. Geographic variation in cardiovascular disease risk factors among American Indians and comparisons with corresponding state populations.
Levitisky Allison Simitian studies Trump’s appeal
Lew Barton Searching the Family Tree.
Lewis George Not so well red: Native Americans in the Southern civil rights movement reconsidered
Liles Joe The amazing story of McLean Research Corporation
Lindquist G.E.E. The Lost Colony of Roanoke Today.
Linton Druenell E. Cardiovascular risk factors and events in the Lumbee Native Americans of North Carolina.
Litsky Frank Universities punished for coach's violations
Litty Jamie Coding health communication campaigns for cultural competence in Native populations: North Carolina.
Litty Jamie Audience reception of targeted message themes in a health video for Lumbee women.
Livermore Mary Odum Home for Indian Orphans
Locklear A.S. The Catawba Indians: Reservation of 600 Acres Near Rock Hill, S.C.—Missionary Work Among Them.
Locklear A.S. A Protest. The Indians of Robeson Merely Want Their Original Name and Are Not ‘Pursuing a Shadow’.
Locklear A.W. The ‘Macs’ of Robeson: Hon. Hamilton McMillan and What He and Other ‘Macs’ Have Done for the Croatan Indians.
Locklear Amy The women
Locklear Arlinda Part 9: Reflections on the Battle for Lumbee Recognition
Locklear Arlinda Part 8: Reflections on the Battle for Lumbee Recognition
Locklear Arlinda Part 7: Reflections on the Battle for Lumbee Recognition
Locklear Arlinda Part 6: Reflections on the Battle for Lumbee Recognition
Locklear Arlinda Part 5: Reflections on the Battle for Lumbee Recognition
Locklear Arlinda Part 4: Reflections on the Battle for Lumbee Recognition
Locklear Arlinda Part 3: Reflections on the Battle for Lumbee Recognition
Locklear Arlinda Part 2: Reflections on the Battle for Lumbee Recognition.
Locklear Arlinda Part 1: Reflections on the Battle for Lumbee Recognition.
Locklear Arlinda Op-ed: Making good on a promise to the Lumbee
Locklear Barbara Braveboy Pembroke Manufacturer Earns Blue Chip Award
Locklear Barbara Brayboy Playwright Lets Native Americans Tell Own Story.
Locklear Barbara Brayboy Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Building on Dedication and Devotion.
Locklear Barbara Brayboy King Joe's Court
Locklear Barbara Brayboy Land of the Lumbee.
Locklear Brett A. Letter: Lumbee writer appalled by GQ article
Locklear Brooke The Lumbee struggle.
Locklear Chad Swamp posse
Locklear Donald Native American Accountability for Academic Learning and its Relationship to Standardized Test Achievement.
Locklear Eric New group wants Lumbee people to guide government
Locklear Eric R. Transparency needed after HUD report alleges tribal misspending [Letter to the Editor]
Locklear Erica Abrams 'What are you?' Exploring racial categorization in Nowhere else on earth.
Locklear Grady Genealogy: A Perspective.
Locklear Grover Kevin Political readjustment of Lumbee Indian veterans in Robeson County, North Carolina: 1941-1998.
Locklear H. American Indian Myths
Locklear Hayes A. A dialect dictionary of Lumbee English
Locklear Herbert Hard rocks in Bolton: a novel.
Locklear Herbert H. American Indian Alcoholism: Program for Treatment.
Locklear James Sen. Burr headlines first Lumbee Economic Summit, visits Robeson Community College
Locklear James Official asks community to end strife.
Locklear James Former pro baseball player swings soul into painting
Locklear James Painting captures Lumbee-Klan clash
Locklear James Cancer claims Judge Brooks.
Locklear James Mourners Pay Homage [to] Judge Brooks.
Locklear James E. Without Lumbee leadership UNC-P could lose uniqueness.
Locklear Janie Maynor Contemporary Lumbee Leaders
Locklear Lawrence Down by the ol' Lumbee: An investigation into the origin and use of the word 'Lumbee' prior to 1952.
Locklear Linda G. The LRDA Story
Locklear Mark New mace honors UNCP’s history
Locklear Mark Tribe's housing policy needs tweaking
Locklear Mark Meadors accepts invite.
Locklear Mark Board takes no action on Harding.
Locklear Mark County schools awarded $9.5 million in grants.
Locklear Mark SAT scores surge 30 points.
Locklear Mark Lumbee Council considers eligibility of felons
Locklear Mark Maynor remembered as advocate for students
Locklear Mark Lumbees approve constitution change
Locklear Mark Board votes 7-3 to hire Canadian educator.
Locklear Mark Lowry, Lumbee advocate, died at 91.
Locklear Mark Robeson case inspires state bill.
Locklear Mark COMtech earns $181,000 grant
Locklear Mark Panel wants to get word out on gaming process.
Locklear Mark Ground broken today for Pembroke group home
Locklear Mark Recognition hearing set for Sept. 17.
Locklear Mark UNCP will wait on nickname decision
Locklear Mark House panel to debate Lumbee bill.
Locklear Mark Lumbee Tribe: Goolsby Is Elected Speaker
Locklear Mark Lumbees mark 50 years of recognition, seek more.
Locklear Mark Lumbee recognition: Senate panel sets date.
Locklear Mark Tribal Council nixes salary increase
Locklear Mark Lumbee vote put off until Aug. 2.
Locklear Mark Tribal administrator retires
Locklear Mark Lumbee recognition: What does it really mean?
Locklear Mark Tribal officials, LRDA suggest possible merge.
Locklear Mark Indian mothers look to make a difference.
Locklear Marshil Bullard Assessment of Perceived Barriers to Implementing Lifestyle Modifications in the Management of Prediabetes or Type 2 Diabetes in Individuals of the Lumbee Tribe
Locklear Patrick Some Questions
Locklear Ramona A study of Lumbee homicide, 1983-1987. What's going on here?
Locklear Tammie Sue Emergent literacy skills of Native American Lumbee children of Robeson County, North Carolina.
Locklear Tony Vincent Cultural considerations in elder abuse: The Lumbee Indian example
Locklear Von Sevastion A Cross Cultural Study to Determine How Mental Health Is Defined in a Tri-Racial County in Southeastern North Carolina.
Locklear-Brayboy Ervin What's in Lumbee name? Not much
Locklear-Brayboy Ervin What's in Lumbee name? Not much
Long Sylvester Clark "Buffalo Child Long Lance" Redman Echoes: Comprising the Writings of Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance and Biographical Sketches by his Friends.
Lopez Pablo “Army pays first-ever tribute to American Indians; ceremony honors service of veterans dating back to Revolutionary War.”
Lore Diane A healing bond: shaman links mind, body for cure.
Lovin Mable S. 1810 Census for Robeson County, North Carolina
Lovin Mable S. 1820 Census for Robeson County, North Carolina.
Lowery Malinda Maynor Lumbee Indians in the Jim Crow South: Race, Identity, and the Making of a Nation
Lowery Malinda Maynor The Lumbee Indians: An American struggle
Lowery Malinda Maynor Telling our own stories: Lumbee history and the federal acknowledgment process
Lowery Malinda Maynor Indians, Southerners, and Americans: Race, tribe, and nation during ‘Jim Crow’.
Lowery Malinda Maynor Recognition, sovereignty struggles, & indigenous rights in the United States: a sourcebook
Lowery Malinda Maynor The Lumbee table is equal parts Indian, southern, and American
Lowery Malinda Maynor Lumbee Indian women: Historical change and cultural adaptation
Lowery Malinda Maynor On the antebellum fringe: Lumbee Indians, slavery, and removal.
Lowery Malinda Maynor Malinda Maynor Lowery: No ‘honor’ at all
Lowery Willie French Hello, America.
Lowery Willie French Proud to be a Lumbee.
Lowrey Clarence E. The Invasion of America
Lowrey Clarence E. The Lumbee Indians of North Carolina.
Lowry Lowry: ‘He didn’t kill as many ... as Moses’.
Lowry Carlitta Lynn Diabetes Mellitus in Certain Citizens of Robeson County: Treatment Efficacy Difference between Sexes.
Lowry D.F. Robeson’s Indians Taking Interest in Religious Affairs.
Lowry D.F. Recalls Lumbee Conference Formed Around Union Chapel.
Lowry D.F. Calls for Unification of Indian Methodists.
Lowry D.F. Stresses Unity for Advance in Indian Church.
Lowry D.F. No Mystery.
Lowry D.F. Lumbee Indian Act of 1953: its origin and rationale
Lowry David Speaking of secrets and mischief.
Lowry David For the Healing of the Nations: Lumbee Indian Community, Christian Missions, and the Transformative Power of Intervention
Lowry David S. I know you! Understanding racial experience within the Lumbee Indian community.
Lowry Ira Pate The Instrumental Music of the Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina.
Lowry Jason B. An Evaluation of the Eighty-First Annual Session of the Lumber River Conference of the Holiness Methodist Church Held at Union Chapel Church, Nov. 6-8, 1981.
Lowry Jason B. Letter to Gene Warren, PSU, Director of Public Information.
Lowry Jerry A Brief History of Native American Methodist Missions.
Lowry M.L. Education Among Indians Growing at a Rapid Pace.
Lowry Reba He Carried the Mail for Thirty Years.
Lowry Ronald H. Recollections of artifacts from the family farm
Lowry Shirley Sees New PSU Chancellor as Serving ‘Long, Vital Need’.
Lowry Steve Lumbee heritage
Lowry Welton Welton Lowry
Lozada Fantasy Taina The contribution of parents‘ beliefs about children‘s emotions to parents‘ emotion-related socialization behaviors.
Lucas John Paul, Jr. The King of Scuffletoun: A Croatan Romance.
Lucas Sandy Walking two worlds: Integrating Lumbee Indian values and practices in education.
Lucas Sarah Outdoor Drama Production Crews, Actors Get Ready.
Lurie Nancy Oestreich Sol tax and tribal sovereignty.
Lux Joseph R. When is an Indian not an 'Indian'? State v. Daley.
Lynn Lynette B. Indian Status Proved.
Lynn Lynette B. Jones Says His Farewell to PSU.
Lynn Lynette B. Anti-Givens Rally Fails to Materialize.
Lynn Lynette B. Givens Opposed by Indian Commission.
Lynn Lynette B. Old Main Rededicated Saturday.