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MacNeill Ben Dixon Riddle of the Lumbee Indians
MacNeill Ben Dixon Riddle of the Lumbee Indians.
Madeja Geoffrey Indian warriors: the untold story of the Civil War.
Maguire Marti Finding the beauty of story in a difficult history [Malinda Maynor Lowery]
Makofsky Abraham Tradition and change in the Lumbee Indian community of Baltimore.
Makofsky Abraham Tradition and change in the Lumbee Indian community of Baltimore.
Makofsky Abraham Class Consciousness and Culture: Class Identifications in the Lumbee Indian Community of Baltimore
Makofsky Abraham Tradition and change in the Lumbee Indian community of Baltimore.
Makofsky Abraham Struggling to Maintain Identity: Lumbee Indians in Baltimore
Makofsky Abraham Demographics and Culture: The 1980 Census Report on Lumbee Indians of the Baltimore Metropolitan Area
Mangiameli M. Hunt Gets 30 Year Sentence
Mangiameli Mike Hatcher Jacobs Indicted
Mangum O.R. The ‘Lost Colony’ Found.
Manley Roger Signs and wonders: outsider art inside North Carolina.
Manning Charles Last of Lowerys recalls saga of death and terror.
Marks Eddie Locklear Honored as Indian of the Year
Marks Eddie Pembroke Candidate Files Discrimination Complaint.
Marks Heather Forbis Same ingredients, different labels': marking tribal boundaries at the North Carolina Indian Cultural Center
Marks Stuart A. Southern history in black and white: nature, history, and ritual in a North Carolina community
Marley Clare Johnson Swamp Outlaw: A Drama of the Croatan Rebellion.
Marsh John Church Beckons, and-Lumbees Find a Place to Go
Marshall John Tall Bird. Can you vote? Would you vote if given the opportunity?
Marson Stephen M. The Murder of Julian Pierce: Can Sandy Jordan Chavis Receive a Fair Trial?
Martin D.G. An insider's guide to Pembroke.
Martin L. Robeson’s 10-year reign of terror recalled.
Martin Stephen Making their mark: new store part of plan to increase awareness on local business scene
Martin Terry Julian Pierce, Lumbee Indian Activist, Is Shot to Death
Martin Terry Minorities' Disunity in Robeson County Dilutes Voting Strength
Massengill Stephen E. The detectives of William W. Holden, 1869-1870.
Maxwell William The Back Swamp drainage project, Robeson County, North Carolina: Biopolitical intervention in the lives of Indian farmers
Maynor Douglas W. Claims Cherokee Name for Robeson Indians.
Maynor Gerald D. The Effects of Socio-Economic Status and Race on Parental Attitudes toward Public Education in a Tri-Racial School District.
Maynor Jesse Says Indians Have ‘God-Given Rights’.
Maynor Lacy W. Klash Kluxer Kaput.
Maynor Lacy W. The Trail of the 20th Century Brave.
Maynor Lacy W. A Lumbee Speaks.
Maynor Malinda Sounds of Faith.
Maynor Malinda Native American identity in the segregated South: The Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina, 1872-1956.
Maynor Malinda Practicing sovereignty: Lumbee identity, tribal factionalism, and federal recognition, 1932-1934.
Maynor Malinda Real Indian
Maynor Malinda Indians got rhythm: Lumbee and African American church song.
Maynor Malinda Violence and the racial boundary: fact and fiction in the swamps of Robeson County, 1831-1871.
Maynor Malinda Making Christianity sing: the origins and experience of Lumbee Indian and African American church music.
Maynor Malinda Lumbee history
Maynor Malinda People and place: Croatan Indians in Jim Crow Georgia, 1890-1920.
Maynor Malinda Was Henry Berry Lowrie a turpentiner?
Maynor Malinda Finding wisdom in places: Lumbee family history.
Maynor Malinda M. Sounds of Faith.
Maynor Waltz Academic Performance and School Integration: A Multi-Ethnic Analysis.
Maynor Waltz Academic Performance and School Integration: A Multi-Ethnic Analysis.
Maynor Waltz Indian Education Elementary and Secondary School Assistance Program, Robeson County, N.C., 1973-74.
Maynor Waltz An Evaluation of Education for Indians, Robeson County, North Carolina 1975-1976. Lumberton: Robeson County Board of Education, 1976.
Maynor-Clark Vinita Reader favors heart center coming to Southeastern Regional Medical Center
Maynor-Clark Vinita World's strongest man, Chief Iron Bear, to compete in U.S. Strongest Man competition
Maynor-Clark Vinita Through Native Eyes (The Henry Berry Lowry Story).
Maynor-Clark Vinita Through Native Eyes' Draws Hundreds for Auditions.
Maynor-Clark Vinita Through Indian Eyes draws hundreds for auditions.
Maynor-Clark Vinita Cookie's Corner 1999 (column).
McAlearney Ann Scheck Cost as a barrier to screening mammography among underserved women.
McCray Michael Lumbee musician Willie French Lowery dies at 68
McCray Mike Lowery album gets a re-release
McCrumb Sharyn Lovely in her bones
McCulloch Anne Merline 'Constructing' nations within states: the Quest for federal recognition by the Catawba and Lumbee tribes.
McDaniel Kathryn H. School nurse evaluations: Making the process meaningful and motivational
McDonald Laughlin ‘Undisciplined’ Indians.
McDougle Ivan E. Mongrel Virginians: The WIN tribe
McEachern Stuart Eight years of terror.
McFarland A.J. The Lost Colony.
McGee Kendall Hearing scheduled for act that would grant Lumbee full federal recognition
McInnis N Mayor McInnis Resents New Name for Pembroke
McInnis N. Thoughts Regarding Indians of Robeson.
McIntyre Dole Federal recognition of Lumbee Indian tribe raises questions.
McIrvin Ronald The Urban Indian: A Profile of the Greensboro Native American Population
McKay Arnold A. Nobody Knows Anything about the Croatans.
McKellar Brenda C. A Name to Live By.
McKenna Chris Chasing MR. C: Early motion-picture exhibition in Robeson county, North Carolina (1896-1950).
McKenna Christopher J. Tri-racial theaters in Robeson County, North Carolina, 1896-1940
McKinnon Henry A., Jr. Abiah's legend lives on.
McKnickle D'Arcy Memorandum [for the Commissioner of Indian Affairs]. Re: Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina.
McKnickle D'Arcy Memorandum [for the Commissioner of Indian Affairs]. Re: Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina.
McLaurin C.E. Old Main, Grocery Destroyed as Robeson Fire Continues.
McLaurin Tim Keeper of the moon: a Southern boyhood
McLaurin Tim An Early Planting.
McLean A. W. Historical Sketch of Indians of Robeson County
McLean A.W. Historical Sketch of Indians of Robeson County.
McLean Angus W. Historical Sketch of the Indians of Robeson County.
McLean Danielle Native votes went missing in North Carolina. Tribal leaders vow that won’t happen again next week
McLean David Documentary research of historic and pre-historic sites located in the Lumber River basin
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McMahan Eva M. Lumbee Soundings: Voices of the Past.
McMillan Alex Frew Lost cause.
McMillan Hamilton The Lost Colony Found: An Historical Sketch of the Discovery of the Croatan Indians.
McMillan Hamilton The Croatans.
McMillan Hamilton Sir Walter Raleigh’s Lost Colony: An historical sketch of the attempts of Sir Walter Raleigh to establish a colony in Virginia, with the traditions of an Indian tribe in North Carolina. Indicating the fate of the colony of Englishmen left on Roanoke Isl
McMillan Hamilton Letter to O. M. McPherson, Special Indian Agent.
McNeill John Charles Possums and Persimmons: Newly Collected Poems.
McNeill John Charles Lumber River.
McPherson O.M. Indians of North Carolina
McSpadden Kay Education’s newest ‘innovation’ in poor schools is just moving chairs on the Titanic
Meacham Jody Lumbee gymnast Ashton Locklear aims to make up ground at Olympic Trials
Meacham Jody Lumbee gymnast Ashton Locklear named alternate for U.S. Olympics team
Meadows Bob Lumbee pride, enterprise define, design heritage gear
Mehrtens Cliff Indian mascots secure for now? Panel: As long as behavior inoffensive
Melton Frances Jones Croatans: The Lost Colony of America
Meluch Anthony M. Malignant hyperthermia following isoflurane anesthesia in an American Lumbee Indian.
Melzer Ashley Proud to call him Lumbee: Willie French Lowery, 1944-2012
Mengers Jerri LRLS Officials Celebrate Service's 10th Anniversary at Friday Banquet
Menges Jerri Britt Doing Groundwork for Possible State Charges
Menges Jerri Feb. 1, 1988: Impact of Hostage Incident Debated
Menges Jerri Reporter Honored for Bravery in Takeover
Menges Jerri Archaeology opens doors for Indian students.
Meredith America Lloyd Earl Oxendine
Messer Lynne Early detection of cervical cancer among Native American women: a qualitative supplement to a quantitative study.
Michielutte Robert Cultural issues in the development of cancer control programs for American Indian populations.
Michielutte Robert Psychosocial factors related to cervical screening among Lumbee women.
Middleton Lorenzo N.C. Indians Oppose Selection of a White to Head College Originally Built for Them.
Milbank Dana What's in a name? For the Lumbees, pride and money - the North Carolina Indians are exploring their roots and seeking federal standing.
Miller David James Native Americans and the Confederacy during the Civil War: a study of the peculiar fight in Robeson County, North Carolina.
Miller Doug Ms. Murphy has the cure for the evil that ails you. 'Root worker' curing spells, jinxes for 60 years.
Miller Heather Lumbee children.
Miller Jason Paul Mixed sociological alignment and ethnic identity: r-lessness in a Native American community
Miller Sue City Schools Get Grant to Aid American Indian Students
Mills Gary B. Tracing Free People of Color in the Antebellum South: Methods, Sources, and Perspectives.
Minegishi Yoshiyuki Mutations in activation-induced cytidine deaminase in patients with hyper IgM syndrome.
Mitchell Lynette Blair A place of belonging
Moe Susan Spence River Weaves Close-Knit Community.
Monaghan William Patrick Frequencies of Blood Group Antigens in the Lumbee Indians of North Carolina.
Monk John U.S. bill would give Lumbees the right to sponsor gambling.
Montgomerie Deborah Coming to terms: Ngai Tahu, Robeson County Indians and the Garden Band of Ojibwa, 1840-1940. Three studies of colonialism in action.
Montgomery Michael He bes took up with a Yankee girl and moved up there to New York': the verb bes in the Carolinas and its history
Mook Maurice A. Algonkian Ethnohistory of the Carolina Sound.
Mooney James Croatan Indians
Mooney James Comments recorded in: Proceedings of the Anthropological Society of Washington. Meeting of October 24, 1911.
Mooney James Croatan Indians.
Moore MariJo Feeding the ancient fires: a collection of writings by North Carolina American Indians
Moore Wendy Tribal election raises many questions prior to installation
Moore-Cummings Wendy Time for talking is passed.
Moran Malcolm Sampson ready for rigors of Indiana; New coach a clear split from Knight era
Morgan Ernest West A Racial Comparison of Education in Robeson County (North Carolina).
Morgan Mary Y. Voices of Indianness: the lived world of Native American women
Morris Britt. Robeson County Register
Morris Charles The swamp outlaws: a secret of twenty years
Morris Charles The swamp outlaws: a secret of twenty years
Morris Murl Dale Survey and Initiation of a Concept Proposal for the Implementation of a Community College Educational System Designed Specifically for the Needs of the Western Band of the United Lumbee Nation.
Morrison Julian Armed Indians Break Up Klan Meeting.
Morrison Julian Sheriff Seeks Klan Leader's Indictment: Cole Accused of Inciting Riot Involving Indians and Ku Klux.
Moser John J. Indians Worn Down by Neglect
Moss Gary John Hunt Sums Up His Situation: 'I'm Terrified'
Mott Vivian The role of culture in continuing professional education: An examination of epistemology and reflection among Native American women.
MRH Who Are the ‘Lumbee’ Indians?
Munger Guy An Indian whose heart is filled with music.
Munger Guy Promoting an Awareness of Indian Culture in the State.
Murawski John Robeson Co. has highest percentage of enrollments in NC under ACA
Murphy Brian A new hurricane season is here. Why NC is still waiting for money to clean up from the last one.
Murphy Edith On the Trail of the Lumbees
Murphy Kate State audit finds evidence of fraud, conflicts of interest by Oakland charter school operator
Murray Janette K. Ella Deloria: A Biographical Sketch and Literary Analysis.
Murray Jr. Ottis L. An Examination of Low Income Farmworkers' Participation in a CETA Program in Robeson County, North Carolina