Bibliography Items by Author (first author only)

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Nichols Rick Are They Indians? Are They Lumbees?
Nichols Rick Indians Hit Postmaster Appointment
Nielson Alfred Meville A Study of Certain ‘Racial Islands’ in the Eastern United States.
Nimcocks Amber In 7th District, different paths point to capitol; Robeson educator's candidacy challenges 'old 'boy' tradition
Norment Bill Oxendine Sweeps All-Star Honors
Norment Mary C. The Lowrie History, As Acted in Part by Henry Berry Lowrie, the Great North Carolina Bandit. With Biographical Sketches of His Associates. Being a Complete History of the Modern Robber Band in the County of Robeson and State of North Carolina
Norton Bill, Jr. A Tearful William Foster Jacobs–Lay Person of Year.
Nye R. Collins to Take On World's Best