Bibliography Items by Author (first author only)

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Raab Scott Reasonable doubt
Rach Amber Local Experts Contribute to History Channel Documentary.
Railey John Some Baptists see new day
Railey John ‘Bad’ girls: Indians posed a tricky race problem for the state
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Rankin Sam Civil Rights Lawyer Takes Hatcher's Case
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Reaves Malik How Strong a Foundation.
Regan Mary Dark fame surrounded ‘Queen’.
Regan Richard The Lumber River, The Lumbee Indians, and GSX, Inc., Robeson County, North Carolina.
Regan Richard A river too good to waste.
Regan Richard Building multi-racial environmental conditions that work.
Regan Richard Economic slavery or hazardous wastes? Robeson County’s Economic Menu.
Reichs Kathy Spider bones.
Reid Dee Killer DA': In First 28 Months on Job, He Won 23 Death Verdicts
Reising R.W. Lumbee Literature and Hero, ‘Henry Bear’.
Reising R.W. Literary Depictions of Henry Berry Lowry: Mythic, Romantic, and Tragic
Reising Robert W. Factors affecting minority education and rural economic development.
Reising Robert W. The literature of the Lumbee Indians: An introduction
Remsberg Bonnie Fifty American Heroines
Rentz Page More than $1 million going to improve health of babies in Robeson County
Reuter Edward Byron The Mulatto in the United States, Including a Study of the Role of Mixed-Blood Races Throughout the World.
Revels Asa Alena Investigating drug-related violence in Indian Country: The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina
Reynolds Jerry Indigenous geography: invisible history of tribes gets a hearing.
Reynolds Jerry Indigenous geography: invisible history of tribes gets a hearing.
Reynolds Malvina The Battle of Maxton Field.
Rezendes Michael Candidate's Slaying Shocks County: Motive Sought in Apparent Assassination of Indian Seek Judgeship
Rhoades J. The devil's right hand.
Rhodes Barbara Horace Locklear's Motions Hearing Scheduled During Superior Court
Rhodes Barbara Attorney: No Merit to Charges Against Locklear
Rhodes Barbara Locklear Agrees to Plea Bargain
Rhodes Barbara First Native American Woman Is Pastor.
Rhodes Barbara Hatcher’s Attorney Sued for $1 Million in Damages
Rhodes Barbara Guilty Plea Gets Chavis Suspended Sentence in Trial
Rhodes Barbara Jacobs Released from Jail, Plans to Stay in Charlotte
Rhodes Barbara Private Probe Question Pierce Death
Rights Douglas L. The Lost Colony Legend.
Rights Douglas L. The American Indian in North Carolina.
Riley Anissa Vet Med partnership with UNC Pembroke to strengthen industry workforce, diversity
Rinzler Kate Going Seining: A Play in Three Acts.
Rinzler Kate The Miracle of Maxton Field.
Rives Julie Powers A native son returns as cool healer, 40 years later.
Rives Julie Powers Jury Finds Indian Pair Not Guilty
Rives Karin Schill County in crisis
Roach Donald University of Oklahoma-Norman in the game
Robbins Cecil W. Meet the Methodists of Pembroke Parish.
Roberts D.F. Methods of Analysis of the Genetic Composition of a Hybrid Population.
Robinson John An Eternity of Job-Hunting for Lumbees
Robinson Melvin Riddle of the Lost Colony
Rockett Ali Lumbee Tribal Council votes to override budget veto disputed
Rockwell Paul A. Lumbees rebelled against proposed draft by South.
Roetman Sheena Louise Lumbee Tribe of NC emerges slowly from Hurricane Matthew flood waters
Rohzon T. Indian Restaurant to Cook Up ... Jobs
Roland Donna Grandfather’s Stories.
Rollins Brenda Whitehurst Bane and Blessing.
Rollins Ray Lumbees Grateful for Work in Piedmont
Rolo Mark Anthony Native filmmaker's work shown at Sundance Film Festival
Ronnie Art Locklear: The Man Who Walked on Wings.
Rose Hewitt Lumbee Indians and the Law.
Rosengarten Dale Spirits of our ancestors: basket traditions in the Carolinas.
Ross Thomas E. A comprehensive bibliography of the Carolina bays literature
Ross Thomas E. One Land, Three Peoples: An Atlas of Robeson County, North Carolina.
Ross Thomas E. One land, three peoples: a geography of Robeson County, North Carolina
Ross Thomas E. The Lumbees: Population Growth of a Non-Reservation Indian Tribe.
Ross Thomas E. The Lumbee Indians.
Rouse Jeanne Native American Church Has First Worship Service.
Ruark Henry G. Fear Klan revival in the Carolinas.
Rudd Karen Sue (Beale) The relationship between ethnicity, SES, and education on parental beliefs of manipulation, contempt, and privacy.
Ruffin Jane Pierce's Sturdy Determination Recalled
Ruffin Jane UNC-CH Law Teacher Loses Appeal of Contempt Case
Russell Julia Lowry Faces.
Russell Julia Lowry Counting coup
Rutledge Archibald The Lost Colony.
Ryan Ethel Indians who crushed rally were mature tribesmen.