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Tafoya Dennis W. Robeson County Compensatory Indian Education Project. Evaluation and Final Report.
Talbert Barker Chairs Interim [School] Board, Selects Committees Carefully.
Talbert Malissa County Group Supports Oxendine for PSU Post.
Talbert Malissa County Group Supports Oxendine for PSU Post.
Talbert Malissa Superintendent Selected for Merged System.
Talbert Malissa Board OKs District Lines for 6 High School Plan.
Talbert Malissa John Bridgeman Instrumental in Developing New Coopera-tion.
Talbert Melissa National Indian Group Endorses Recognition for Lumbees.
Talbert Melissa Lumbee Recognition Is Debated.
Tarleton Larry Robeson County's Indians Bolting Democratic Ranks
Taukchiray Wes Henry Berry Lowrie was never arrested, tried and convicted.
Taukchiray Wesley Map errors and Indians of the Carolinas.
Taylor Curtis L. Rural county in N.C. contends with city problems. James Jordan's murder brought notoriety to Robeson County. It has high unemployment and drug trade
Taylor J.M. Behind the green water.
Taylor Vincent Lonnie Revels Honored for Service to Indians
Temple Dennis Michael Comparative Approach to the Study of a White-Indian-Negro Caste System in Robeson County, North Carolina.
Terry G. Cunningham Sir Walter Raleigh’s Lost Colony of Roanoke.
Thomas Maude Away Down Home: A History of Robeson County, North Carolina.
Thomas Robert K. A report on research of Lumbee origins.
Thompson Betty A ‘Lost Colony’ of Methodists?
Thompson Estes N.C. county picks Indian as sheriff; Lumbees say election will aid their image
Thompson Estes Lumbee Indian sheriff wants to restore faith in law; officer seen as unifying force in Robeson County.
Thompson Leilani B. A Proposal for Development and Use of Audio and Video Tape Recordings in the United Lumbee Nation of North Carolina and America
Thompson Marshall Robeson County Indians Make Forward Strides; Scuffletown Makes Way for Churches and Homes
Thompson Marshall Ethnologist Links Robeson Indians with ‘Lost Colony’.
Thompson Norma J. An Analysis of Factors Relating to Job Satisfaction and Training of American Indian Graduates of Pembroke State University with Emphasis on Business Education Graduates.
Thompson Vernon Ray A Study of the Indian Schools of Robeson County, North Carolina.
Thompson Vernon Ray A History of the Education of the Lumbee Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina, 1885-1970.
Thomson Estes Rural Prosperity Commission to study why region lags
Thoreson Katrina Legendary Pride: How Legends Derived from Times of Oppression Influence Cultural Pride in Subsequent Eras Through the Analysis of the Lowry War in Robeson County, North Carolina 1864-1872
Thrasher Alice Universities work on diversity.
Tilley Greta Lumbee Indians Left Farm to Find City Job Bias
Tilley Greta Lumbees Aim to End 'Invisible' Status
Tilley Greta Indians' Image Barrier in School
Tkacik Christina From the vault: American Indians in Maryland
Tobin Juanita The woman from the Lumbee tribe
Tobin Patricia L. Value of Children and Fertility Behavior in a Tri-Racial, Rural County.
Toole Judith Dropout Rate Increasing at Slower Pace.
Toole Judith New School District Lines to be Checked by Board.
Toole Judith Johnson’s Promise to Resign Fails to Satisfy Caucus.
Toole Judith Revealing Portrait' of County Compiled
Torbert Benjamin Tracing Native American language history through consonant cluster reduction: the case of Lumbee English
Torbert Benjamin Charles Native American language history traced through consonant cluster reduction: the case of Lumbee English
Towle Lisa H. A recipe for economic health
Towle Lisa H. Robeson repairing its image with efforts to boost tourism
Towle Lisa H. Dream team' for education: targeted for takeover, schools get help with dropouts, illiteracy
Townsend George Alfred The Swamp Outlaws: or, The North Carolina Bandits; being a complete history of the modern Rob Roys and Robin Hoods.
Townsend Peggy T. Vanishing Ancestors: Cemetery Records of Robeson County, North Carolina.
Tpkunesh Arlinda Faye Locklear, 1951-
Trapani William Re/cognizing Native American sovereignty in an age of manifest manners.
Travis Scott Robeson Sheriff Maynor gets nod
Travis Scott Economic cohesion encouraged in Robeson County
Travis Scott The unbeaten path: Indian life once centered on the Burnt Swamp community.
Travis Scott Activist lawyer's legacy is still felt in Robeson.
Triplett Frank History, romance and philosophy of great American crimes and criminals....
Tucker Jill Charter schools' officials may face criminal probe
Tumulty Karen Killing of Indian Brings N.C. Racial Problems to Fore
Turner Eugene Where diversity reigns
Tyner K. Blake Robeson County
Tyson Ruel W., Jr. The Testimony of Sister Annie Mae.
Tyson Timothy B. Ku Klux Klan routing, January 18, 1958.