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Waage Fred Lost Colony.
Wagner Adam GenX shows up in Bladen farmer’s honey
Wagoner Mark Pathmakers: North Carolina Native American women of distinction. A sampling of 1994 recipients.
Waldman Carl Who was who in Native American history: Indians and non-Indians from early contacts through 1900.
Waldman Carl Lumbee.
Walker Andrea K. A Native Miss America? Lumbees hope this year's Miss N.C. can be first.
Walker Charles R. Homesteaders–New Style
Walker Richard Good Luck Ashton Locklear! Lumbee Olympic Gymnastics Hopeful
Walker Richard Hunt makes history with national honor
Walker Richard Olympics-Bound Ashton Locklear: 'Indian Country is in My Heart!'
Wallace Charles Carradine: An Original Screenplay
Walls Frances Johnston Children To Enter White Schools If Parents Prove They’re Indian.
Walton Trudy Lumber River took many lives, inspired poets and bootleggers.
Ward Kristen Culturally Responsive Housing
Warren Gene Pembroke Seeks Regional University Status.
Warren Gene Pembroke Campus Has Indian Relics on Display.
Warren Gene Dr. English E. Jones: A Great American Indian.
Warren Gene Pinchbeck Dedicates His Life to Working with Boy Scouts
Warren Gene Dedication of Indian Teacher Inspired Escape from Poverty. et al
Warren Gene Givens Seeks Greater Cooperation.
Warren Gene Centennial Report, 1887-1987.
Warren Gene Former PSU Professor Elected to N.C. House
Warren Gene PSU’s ‘Givens Era’ Keyed to Personal Diplomacy.
Warren Gene New PSU Chancellor Wants ‘To Impact on the Community’.
Warren Gene PSU’s Chancellor Happy with his First Year in Office.
Warren Gene Prine Retiring After 48 Years at PSU.
Warren Gene Gene Locklear: Lumbee Indian Artist Who Made It to Big Leagues.
Warren Gene Mike Wilkins To Exhibit Carving Skills During Heritage Celebration.
Warren Harold Are They Indians? Congress Must Decide.
Warrick Joby Tainted wells, poisoned relations
Watson Patricia The Lumbee Indians. Multi-Ethnicity in Maryland-Focus Baltimore-Workshop Project-Ethnic Data Project
Watts Carroll Robeson County ‘dig’ reveals clues of former occupants.
Watts Carroll Lumbee Fund-Raising Drive Nets $2,200 for Legal Battle.
Waynick Capus M. North Carolina and the Negro
Weeks Donnie E. An in-depth study of educational issues as they relate to the reorganization of five school systems.
Weeks Stephen B. Raleigh’s Settlement on Roanoke Island: An Historical Survival.
Weeks Stephen B. The Lost Colony of Roanoke: Its fate and survival.
Wei Guo Postpartum depression: racial differences and ethnic disparities in a tri-racial and bi-ethnic population.
Weinberger Andrew D. A reappraisal of the constitutionality of miscegenation statutes
Wellman Manly Wade The Haunts of Drowning Creek.
Wellons R.D. Last 10-Years Growth of College 60 Years Old Reported to Trustees.
Wellons R.D. State Faces Problem of Providing Graduate Education for Indians; PSC Degree Ends Opportunity for Schooling in N.C.
Wells Pamela Luann An oral health survey of the Lumbee Tribe in southeastern North Carolina.
Wells Pamela Luann An oral health survey of the Lumbee Tribe in southeastern North Carolina.
Wertheimer John W. Native Americans and school desegregation: the Chavis case in Robeson County
West Amy Elizabeth The experience of social anxiety in Native American adolescents
West Sam Records of Robeson County in the North Carolina Archives
Weston Mary Ann Native Americans in the news: images of Indians in the twentieth century press
Wetmore Ruth Henry Berry Lowrie, the swamp outlaw.
Wetmore Ruth Y. First on the Land: The North Carolina Indians.
Wetmore Ruth Y. First on the Land: The North Carolina Indians.
Wetmore Ruth Y. First on the Land: The North Carolina Indians.
Wetmore Ruth Y. First on the Land: The North Carolina Indians.
Wetmore Ruth Y. Report on excavations at the Buie Mound, Robeson County, North Carolina.
White Jack Chapman American Indian Youth Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Prevention Project.
White Paul Franklin man teaches ‘street’ karate
White Wes A Report on the Origins of the Lumbee Indians: A Somewhat Revised and Proofread Version.
White Wes Summary of a Restricted Report on Lumbee Origins Made by David Wilkins in 1983.
White Wes Local history references and Lumbee Indian references in the Lumberton, NC Robesonian, 1897, 1900-1939
White Wesley The American Indian Population in Robeson County, N.C. from 1837-1854.
Whittle Richard Small N.C. District is Giant on Death Penalty
Wicker Leslie Cleveland Racial Awareness and Racial Identification Among American Indian Children as Influenced by Native-American Power Ideology and Self-Concept.
Wilcox Ed Robeson Preacher Opens His Own TV Station.
Wiljanen Ursula Lumbee celebrate a rare heritage
Wilkie Lorrie Robesonian Staffers Express Disbelief
Wilkins Cherry The Strange Case of Nick and Versha
Wilkins David Racial identity and the federal recognition process: a case study of the Lumbee Indians.
Wilkins David Wilkins: Red, black, and bruised.
Wilkins David E. Breaking into the intergovernmental matrix: the Lumbee Tribe's efforts to secure federal acknowledgment.
Wilkins David E. The Lumbee tribe and its quest for federal recognition: Lumbee Centurions on the Trail of Many Years.
Wilkins David E. Henry Berry Lowry: champion of the dispossessed.
Wilkins David Eugene An Analysis of Colonial, State, and Federal ‘Definitions of Indian’.
Wilkins Tim SATW! no show in 2004; lack of money cancels play.
Wilkins W.S. State Should Provide for Indian Insane: White and Colored Insane Are Provided For But There Is No Place for the Indian Insane.
Willets Sarah In Robeson, a third of potential moms uninsured
Willets Sarah Lumbee Tribe, R.A. Jeffreys settle in beer ad lawsuit
Willets Sarah Flood water brings health worries
Willets Sarah McCrory to protest votes in 12 counties; Robeson among those cited
Willets Sarah Tribe receives $185K grant to aid homeless
Willets Sarah McCrory: Revels inspired pay proposal
Williams Allison Labor market is Lumbee's love.
Williams Bronwyn Stormwalker.
Williams Charles T., II The Kinnakeeter
Williams Megan Sacred Grounds
Williams Robert A., Jr. Vampires Anonymous and critical race practice.
Williamson Hadley Lumbees Hold Meet on School Action.
Wilson Bonnie Squabble Resurfaces Over PSU Name-Change Proposal.
Wilson E.Y. The Lost Colony of Roanoke.
Wilson J Matthew Competing redistricting plans as evidence of political motives: the North Carolina case
Wilson Susan Price Tension Has Grown Since [19]86 Shooting
Winfield John B. IgM cryoprecipitation and anti-immunoglobulin activity in dysgammaglobulinemia type I.
Wirt Keesia Drama greeted by full house
Wishart Francis Marion Diary of Col. Francis M. Wishart, commander of action against the Lowry outlaws of Robeson County, North Carolina, 1864-1872, and comments by an unknown author.
Witherspoon David At NCCU, Lumbees Pursue Careers in Law Field
Witten Scott Locklear wins Superior Court judgeship
Witten Scott Bill Includes $50,000 for Indian Cultural Center.
Witten Scott Local women in 'Pathmakers' exhibit
Witten Scott Cultural Center ‘not in danger.’
Witten Scott RCC on Probation.
Witten Scott File this GQ article under fiction
Witten Scott Lumbee Guaranty Bank makes investment in county youths.
Witten Scott Tourism dollars rise
Witten Scott Money for mobile homes bad investment, says LRDA
Witten Scott Discussion at PSU Forum Centers on Race of School’s Next Chancellor.
Witten Scott Judge takes election stance
Witten Scott Pembroke Native Honored for Human Relations Work.
Witten Scott Freeman elected LRDA chairman
Witten Scott Lumbees Use Cheraw Link in Effort for Recognition.
Witten Scott Robeson jobless rate second highest in state
Witten Scott Lumbee Tribal Council picks administrators
Witten Scott Lumbees approve constitution
Witten Scott Park grows by 183 acres.
Witten Scott Grants to aid in completing replica of Tuscarora village
Witten Scott SACS lifts probation off RCC
Witten Scott Image problem: Is it real or is it just media hype?
Witten Scott Cultural Center Will Bring Boost to Entire County.
Witten Scott State draws economic recovery map
Witten Scott Elliott to share her vision at seminar.
Witten Scott Local firm produces educational software
Witten Scott Tribal Council receives funds for housing.
Witten Scott Study: County Tax Burden Is among Lowest in State.
Wolfram Walt Dialect mixing and ethnic identity in Lumbee English.
Wolfram Walt Delineation and description in dialectology: the case of perfective I'm in Lumbee English
Wolfram Walt Alternative regularization patterning and ethnic marking in a tri-ethnic southern community
Wolfram Walt American English: dialects and variation
Wolfram Walt Dialect identity in a tri-ethnic context: the case of Lumbee American Indian English
Wolfram Walt Ethnoliguistic marking of past be in Lumbee Vernacular English
Wolfram Walt On the construction of vernacular dialect norms
Wolfram Walt Tracing language history through consonant cluster reduction: comparative evidence from isolated dialects
Wolfram Walt Indian by birth: the Lumbee dialect
Wolfram Walt From the brickhouse to the swamp
Wolfram Walt Fine in the world: Lumbee language in time and place
Wolfram Walt Talkin’ Tar Heel: How our voices tell the story of North Carolina
Womble Bill Pembroke: A College Degree for Less.
Wood Rob Klan hopes to make peace with Lumbees.
Wood Sara As We Cooked, As We Lived: Lumbee Foodways
Woods Cedric J. Tears of our mother
Woods J. Cedric Lumbee origins: The Weyanoke-Kearsey connection.
Woods Lenora W. Tribe Known as Croatans Thought to be Remnant of Mysterious ‘Lost Colony’.
Woods Ruth Dial Testimony: Indian Definition Study.
Woods Ruth Dial A Position Paper Presented to the American Indian Policy Review Commission–Task Force #10, Terminated and Nonfederally Recognized Indians, April 16, 1976.
Woods Ruth Dial Growing up red: the Lumbee experience.
Woods Ruth Dial Indians have decided government issue
Woods Ruth Dial Robeson County Indian Education Needs Assessment, FY-79.
Woodward Susan Holly A grandfather’s tales of the Lowery brothers.
Woolverton Paul Lumbees sue beer-maker for using tribe's logo in Bud Light ads
Woolverton Paul Killer of Michael Jordan’s father seeks new trial
Woolverton Paul Nearly 1 month after Hurricane Matthew, people still displaced, roads still closed
Woolverton Paul N.C. House approval of school leasing legislation to benefit Robeson County
Woolverton Paul Cherokees air cultural center concerns.
Woolverton Paul President Trump backs recognition bill for the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina
Woolverton Paul Senate bill would give Lumbees full recognition and millions of dollars
Woolverton Paul Lumbee recognition bill gets hearing in Washington
Woolverton Paul Lumbee funds assigned
Woolverton Paul New state park planned for Black River
Woolverton Paul Bill designed to help protect Indian land
Woolverton Paul One year later, roundtable at UNC Pembroke focuses on Hurricane Matthew’s lessons
Woolverton Paul Robeson County tugs at Eddie Hatcher
Woolverton Paul Swett trial gag order raps Robeson County media
Woolverton Paul Robeson County tugs at Eddie Hatcher
Wooten Alan Lumbee representative sworn in as chairman of state commission
Wooten Marian What was college like for you?
Wooten Sylvester Wendell A Comparison Between Lumbee Indian Commuting Students, Non-Indian Dormitory Students, and Non-Indian Commuting Students in Terms of Their Perceptions of the College Environment.
Workman Bill Woman Missionary Carries On Orphanage for Indian Children
Wortman Dave Mapping a greener future.
Wright Bill Givens Believes ‘He’s Accepted’.
Wright Bill Tuscarora Indian Organization Files Suit Seeking Interior Department Assistance.
Wright Ed Judgement Day in Robeson County: Forcing a Community to Face Its Past
Wurth-Hough Sandra J. The Dialectic of the Lumbee People and Their Polity