U.S. Bureau of the Census. Census of the Population: 1960. Volume 1: Characteristics of the Population. Part 35: North Carolina.

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U.S. Bureau of the Census.  Census of the Population: 1960.  Volume 1: Characteristics of the Population.  Part 35: North Carolina.


See Table 28, “Characteristics of the Population, for Counties, 1960,” p. 35-129.  In this census, Robeson County’s racial breakdown includes Indians.  The Census of Population: 1950 (see Volume II: Characteristics of the Population.  Part 33: North Carolina.  Table 42, “General Characteristics of the Population, for Counties: 1950,” p. 33-111) offered only the designations of native White, foreign-born White, Negro, and other races.  Calvin Beale’s 1957 article (entry 708) explains the Census Bureau’s instructions to Census of 1950 enumerators regarding triracial isolates.  Table 1 of his article shows 1950 totals for triracial isolates by state, county, and name of isolate.

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