Memorandum To: Deputy to the Assistant Secretary—Indian Affairs (Tribal Services). From: Associate Solicitor, Indian Affairs. Subject: Lumbee Recognition Legislation.

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Lavell, William G.  “Memorandum To: Deputy to the Assistant Secretary—Indian Affairs (Tribal Services).  From: Associate Solicitor, Indian Affairs.  Subject: Lumbee Recognition Legislation.”  Washington: Office of the Solicitor, US Dept. of Interior, 23 Oct. 1989.  Correspondence no. BIA.IA.0929  5p.  Rpt. in House Report 101-685 (Bibliography entry 1384), House Report 102-215 (Bibliography entry 1387), and Senate Report 102-251 (Bibliography entry 1388).


Advises that the “nothing-in-this-act” portion of the 1956 Lumbee Act terminates or forbids the Federal relationship.  The BIA cannot consider the Lumbee Petition unless Congress amends that portion of the act.

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