Southeastern Indian Oral History Project

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University of Florida. Southeastern Indian Oral History Project (2005). P O Box 115215, Gainesville, FL, 32611. 1-352-392-7168. Key source


This collection is part of the Doris Duke Indian Oral History Program. It includes tapes and transcriptions of interviews with approximately 190 North Carolina Lumbees. Baltimore Lumbees were also interviewed, as were some Whites who were involved in Lumbee affairs or research. For additional information about this project, see this article about Sam Proctor.

Access to the recordings themselves, for people in or near Florida: For additional information, consult the University of Florida Oral History Project's Web site. As a general rule, the tapes and transcripts must be used on site. Contact Mrs. Roberta Y. Peacock, Oral History Program Administrative Assistant, by e-mail ( with specific questions. Mrs. Peacock says that the program very rarely allows purchase of copies of the audiotapes, unless the requestor is a family member of the interviewee.

Access to the recordings themselves, for people in or near Pembroke, North Carolina: UNC-Pembroke's Native American Resource Center has copies of the interviews conducted by Adolph Dial. The approximately 70 interviews reside on a set of 35 CDs. The set is called “The Adolph Dial Tapes.”

Access to the transcripts: All 267 transcripts have been digitized, with funding from a gift from Caleb J. and Michele B. Grimes. The transcripts can be located by searching the Web site of the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program: Lumbee Interviews. The Text Search option allows you to search for a name, word, phrase, or Boolean search within the full text of all the Lumbee transcripts. To find an interview listed in the table below, click the link for Advanced Search. Search for an interviewee's name, first name first, or an interview topic from the table below, in Anywhere. When you find your match and click on the Title, you'll be able to view page images of the transcript. You can also search within the text ofthe transcript. The Citation page for the interview will give you a permanent link for the transcript, additional information about the where the oral history itself is housed, rights management, usage statistics for the transcript, and more.

The table below lists the 267 interviews with Lumbee Indians (or others knowledgeable about them) conducted between 1973 and 1975.

A few links to the digitized transcrips have been provided as examples. More links will be added as time permits.

Interviewee Date recorded Tape code Interviewer Transcript?
Ammons, Ruby C. 7-73 119A Lew Barton yes
Are They Really Indians?  5-74  185A  Lew Barton  yes 
Barns, Elwell 12-73  153A  Lew Barton  yes 
Barton, Bruce  9-72  11A Lew Barton  yes 
Barton, Earl  5-74  181A  Lew Barton  yes 
Barton, Herman  11-73  128A Bruce Barton  yes 
Monologue--Music 12-73  164A  Lew Barton  no
Monologue 12-73  141A  Lew Barton  yes
Barton, Lew  3-74  169A  Lew Barton  yes 
Barton, Lew  7-72  3AB Dr. Proctor  yes 
Barton, Ricky  4-73 LUM 66A Lew Barton yes 
Bell, Mr. & Mrs. Albert  4-75  242A  Adolph Dial  no
Blu, Karen  8-73  127A Brenda Brooks  yes 
Blue, Brantley  April 19, 1973  62A  Lew Barton  yes
Blue, Brantley  5-73  63A Lew Barton  yes 
Blue, Elsie Mae  12-73  140A  Lew Barton  yes 
Blue, Mrs. Brantley  6-73  86A Lew Barton  yes 
Blue, Patricia  6-73  85A  Lew Barton  yes 
Board of Elections  5-73  79A Brenda Brooks  no 
Brayboy, John  11-73  131A  Bruce Barton  yes 
Brayboy, James K.  4-75  253A   Adolph Dial yes 
Brewington, Bob  4-73  54A Marilyn Taylor  yes 
Brewington, James Dophus  4-75  243A  Adolph Dial  yes 
Brooks, Andrew  7-73 Dexter Brooks yes 
Brooks, Brenda  July 31, 1972 LUM 2A Dr. Proctor  yes 
Brooks, Dexter  May 28, 1973 80A Brenda Brooks  yes 
Brooks, Howard 6-73  83A Dexter Brooks 


Brooks, Rosetta 4-75  240A  Adolph Dial  yes 
Brooks, Colon  4-75  240A  Adolph Dial  yes 
Brooks, Peter  July 10, 1973 LUM 114A Dexter Brooks yes
Brooks, Peter  8-73  123AB  Brenda Brooks  yes 
Brooks, Roscoe  7-73  122A  Lew Barton  yes 
Brooks, Sally Johnson  7-73 LUM 110A Dexter Brooks yes 
Brooks, Sherman  7-73 Dexter Brooks yes 
Bullard, Early "Judge"  4-75  226A  Adolph Dial  yes 
Bullard, Rand  4-75  212A  Adolph Dial  yes 
Burnt Swamp Baptist Association Readings  4-75  246A  Adolph Dial  yes 
Butler, George E. (monologue) 4-75  204A  Adolph Dial no
Carter, John L.  4-75  232A  Adolph Dial  yes 
Carter, Mrs. Roy  4-75  235A  Adolph Dial  yes 
Carter, Mrs. Spaulding  12-73  198AB  Lew Barton  yes
Chavis, James E.  4-75  248A  Adolph Dial  yes 
Chavis, Ed  11-72  37A  Lew Barton  yes
Chavis, James  9-72  9A Lew Barton  yes 
Chavis, Mr. & Mrs. Oscar  4-75  252A  Adolph Dial  yes 
Chavis, James E.  4-75  251A  Adolph Dial  yes
Chavis, N. Daniel  4-75  247A  Adolph Dial  yes 
Chavis, Mrs. Willie C.  4-75 219A  Adolph Dial  yes 
Chavis, Willie  9-72  5AB Lew Barton  yes 
Clark, Ward (Rev.)  4-73 68A Lew Barton yes 
Collins, Beverly  5-74  176A  Lew Barton  yes 
Collins, Gertha M.  12-73  165A  Lew Barton  yes 
Collins, Glenda Sue  175A  Lew Barton  yes 
Collins, Harold Dean  12-74  161A  Lew Barton  yes 
Collins, Lora  12-74  163A   Lew Barton  yes 
Collins, Redell  9-72  13A Lew Barton  yes 
Connelly, Paula  9-72 Lew Barton yes 
Cummings, Coolidge  9-72 25A Lew Barton yes 
Cummings,  Simeon (Rev.) 8-72 21A Lew Barton yes 
Deese, Harold  no
Dial, Adolph (monologue) 4-75  224A  Adolph Dial  no
Dial, Adolph  4-75  250A  Adolph Dial no
Dial, Adolph (monologue) 4-75  225A  Adolph Dial  yes 
Dial, Adolph (monologue) 4-75  229A  Adolph Dial  no
Dial, Adolph (monologue) 4-75  231A  Adolph Dial  no
Dial, Adolph (monologue) 4-75  233A  Adolph Dial  no
Dial, Adolph  8-25-75 Tape 13; LUM16A Lew Barton yes 
Dial, Adolph 8-73  126A  Danford Dial  yes 
Dial, Danford 4-75  222A  Adolph Dial  yes 
Dial, Danford  8-72  1AB Dr. Proctor  yes 
Dial, Herman 4-73  58A Lew Barton  yes 
Dial, Iola  11-72  36A Lew Barton  yes 
Dial, Mr. & Mrs. John W. 4-75  241A  Adolph Dial yes 
Dial, Elisha  4-75  216A  Adolph Dial  yes 
Dial, Mrs. N. H. 4-75  209A  Adolph Dial yes 
Dial, Nade  11-72  34A Lew Barton  yes 
Dial, Onnie  1-74  156A  Lew Barton  yes 
Eddings, Randolph  10-72  29A Brenda Brooks  yes 
Eliades, David  3-74  174A  J.M. Locklear  no 
Elk, Ray  7-73 Dexter Brooks yes 
Elk, Victor  4-73 LUM 94A Marilyn Taylor yes 
Godfrey, Mrs. A. R. 12-73  135A  Lew Barton  yes 
Goins, Mrs. Tom Russell  1-74  157A  Lew Barton  yes 
Gouns, Gregg  4-73 LUM 101A Marilyn Taylor yes 
Godwin, John 4-75  217A  Adolph Dial yes
Godwin, Mary  9-72  12A  Lew Barton  no
Moore Hall 8-73  125AB Danford Dial  yes 
Hammonds, Lonnie  4-73 LUM 70A Lew Barton yes 
Hammonds, Edna Earl  5-73  65A Lew Barton  yes 
Hardin, James  4-73 LUM 97A Marilyn Taylor yes 
Harris, Enaris  5-74  186A  Lew Barton yes 
Harris, Keith  12-73  134A  Lew Barton  yes 
Haskins, Mrs. Richard 11-73  188A Lew Barton yes 
Holmes, Aileen 5-73  64A Lew Barton yes 
Holmes, Aileen 5-74  182A  Lew Barton  yes 
Holshouser, Jim (Governor)   10-72 45 Lew Barton yes 
Strickland, Earl Homer 8-73  124A Danford Dial  yes 
Hunt, Betty Jo  7-73  LUM 111A Dexter Brooks yes 
Hunt, Bruce  7-73 LUM 116A Dexter Brooks yes 
Hunt, Clyde  12-73  138A  Lew Barton  yes 
Hunt, Dixie 4-73 LUM 105A Marilyn Taylor yes
Hunt, Elmer 4-73 LUM 102A Marilyn Taylor yes
Hunt, James 12-73 146A Lew Barton no
Hunt, James 8-73 167A Lew Barton yes
Hunt, Mr. & Mrs. Peggy 5-74 177AB Lew Barton yes
Hunt, Mrs. Peter 5-74 178A Lew Barton yes
Hunt, Rucious 7-73 120A Lew Barton yes
Indian Protest on Education (Side 1); Lack of police protection in Lumberton (Side 2) October 31, 1972 47A Lew Barton yes
Jackson, Norma 11-72 31A Lew Barton yes
Jackson, Rose Mary 12-73 136A Lew Barton yes
Jacobs, Arlie 5-73 ? J.M. Locklear yes
Jacobs, Mrs. Mary Lowry 4-75 215A Adolph Dial yes
Jacobs, Teddy 3-74 170A Lew Barton yes
Jacobs, Viola 12-73 152A Marilyn Taylor yes
Johnson, Carrie Mabel 7-73 ? Dexter Brooks yes
Jones, Bruce 10-72 28a
Brenda Brooks yes
Jones, John R. 9-72 10A Lew Barton yes
Jones, Paladin "Pat" 12-74 162A Lew Barton yes
Jones, Rosa 12-73 189A Lew Barton yes
Jones, Sr., Miles S. 4-75 201A Adolph Dial yes
Jones, Willoughby 4-75 238A Adolph Dial yes
Juren, L.D. 12-73 14A Marilyn Taylor no
Chavis, Ertle Knox 6-73 ? Lew Barton yes
Lee, John Henry 7-76 192-A Lew Barton yes
Locklear, Arnold 5-73 LUM 84A Lew Barton yes
Locklear, Barbara ? ? ? no
Locklear, Barbara ? ? ? no
Locklear, Bessie ? ? ? no
Locklear, Betty 4-73 69A Lew Barton yes
Locklear, Bobby 11-72 LUM 30A Lew Barton yes
Locklear, Carnell 11-72 ? Lew Barton yes
Locklear, Curt 4-73 59A Lew Barton yes
Locklear, Dewey 4-73 LUM 92A Lew Barton yes
Steen, Omalene Locklear 12-73 147A Marilyn Taylor yes
Locklear, Gaston 4-75 226A Adolph Dial  yes
Locklear, James A. 4-75 236A Adolph Dial yes
Locklear, Janie 10-72 ? Brenda Brooks yes
Locklear, Janie Maynor Nov. 17, 1972 40A Lew Barton yes
Locklear, Joyce 6-73 ? J.M. Locklear yes
Locklear, Plummer, Jr.  7-73 LUM 109A Dexter Brooks yes
Locklear, Linda 12-73 145A Marilyn Taylor yes
Locklear, Lindburg 3-73 50A Marilyn Taylor yes
Locklear, Mr. & Mrs. Archie A. 4-75 249A Adolph Dial yes
Locklear, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence 5-74 184A Lew Barton yes
Locklear, Fuller 4-75 245A Adolph Dial yes
Locklear, Mrs. Maynor 11-72 ? Lew Barton no
Locklear, Mrs. Nancy C. 4-75 234A Adolph Dial yes
Locklear, Mrs. Willie 4-75 223A Adolph Dial yes
Locklear, Paul 9-72 LUM 22A Lew Barton yes
Locklear, Pearson 4-75 239A Adolph Dial no
Locklear, Rev. Barto 1-74 155A Lew Barton yes
Locklear, Rev. C.E. 4-75 227A Adolph Dial yes
Locklear, Rev. E.E. 4-75 239A Adolph Dial no
Locklear, Ronald 6-73 LUM 91A Lew Barton yes
Locklear, Stella 1-74 160A Lew Barton yes
Locklear, Susan 3-74 172A Lew Barton yes
Locklear, Wanda Kay 5-73 ? J.M Locklear yes
Locklear, William L. ? ? ? no
Long, Rev. Harry 4-75 210A Adolph Dial yes
Lowry, Claude  4-75 200A Adolph Dial yes
Lowry, Crossie  5-73 LUM 73A A.M. Locklear yes
Lowry, Daniel E.  4-75 205A Adolph Dial yes
Lowry, Dawrie 12-73 150A Marilyn Taylor yes
Lowry, Dr. Fuller 8-73 123AB Brenda Brooks yes
Lowry, Evelyn 12-73 133A Lew Barton yes
Lowry, Jason 4-73 LUM 99A Marilyn Taylor yes
Lowry, Libby Sue 11-72 ? Lew Barton no
Lowry, Lloyd 4-75 206A Adolph Dial yes
Lowry, Danny 4-75 220A Adolph Dial yes
Lowry, Mrs. D.E. 4-75 241A Adolph Dial no
Lowry, Phyllis 4-73 104A Marilyn Taylor yes
Lowry, Rev. D.F. 4-75 199A Adolph Dial  yes
Lowry, Rev. D.F. 4-75 202A Adolph Dial yes
Lowry, Rev. D.F. 4-75 203A Adolph Dial yes
Lowry, Shirley 4-73 53A Lew Barton yes
Lowry, Tryon 4-73 56A Marilyn Taylor yes
Lowry, Willie 12-73 137A Lew Barton no
Lucas, M. 9-72 LUM 7A Lew Barton yes
Lure & Lore of the Lumbee 5-74 183A Lew Barton yes
Lumbee Feedback 5-73 LUM 78A ? yes
Lumbee Hearings 10-72 43ABCD Brenda Brooks yes
Lumbee Indian Caucus 4-75 208A Adolph Dial no
Mangum, Betty 7-73 LUM 117A J.M. Locklear yes
Mangum, Rev. 10-72 26AB Lew Barton yes
Mangum, Rev. Robert 4-75 222A Adolph Dial yes
Matthews, Bobbin 4-73 98A Marilyn Taylor yes
Maynor, Dr. Waltz July 23, 1973 115A ? yes
Maynor, Earlie B. 12-72 49A Lew Barton yes
Maynor, Elizabeth O. 10-72 ? J.M. Locklear yes
Maynor, Jeffrey 6-73 LUM 82AB J.M. Locklear yes
Maynor, Rev. Dawley 4-75 218A Adolph Dial yes
McDowell, David ? ? ? no
McMillan, Cindy 3-74 171A Lew Barton yes
Michison, Velma 3-73 LUM 52A Lew Barton yes
Miller, Vardell 12-73 154A Lew Barton yes
Monologue 6-73 ? ? ?
Moore, Henry 4-75 237A Adolph Dial yes
Moore, Herbert 10-72 LUM 27 Brenda Brooks yes
Moore, James 4-75 236A Adolph Dial yes
Moore, Mrs. Charlie 4-75 235A Adolph Dial yes
Mull, Fad 9-72 LUM 20A Lew Barton yes
National Indian Day Celebration 4-75 228A Adolph Dial yes
Odum Children's Home 5-73 LUM 74A J.M. Locklear yes
Old Main Commission Session 1-74 159A Lew Barton no
Old Main meeting 3-74 173A J.M. Locklear no
Oxendine, Charlie 4-75 230A Adolph Dial yes
Oxendine, Charlie W. 4-75 213A Adolph Dial yes
Oxendine, Clifton 4-75 207A Adolph Dial yes
Oxendine, David 6-73 LUM 90A Lew Barton yes
Oxendine, Effie J.B. 7-73 ? Dexter Brooks yes
Oxendine, Henry 5-73 88A Lew Barton yes
Oxendine, Lloyd 11-72 ? Lew Barton yes
Oxendine, Luther 9-72 6A Lew Barton yes
Parker, Elder and Mrs. John 9-74 197A Lew Barton yes
Parker, Mrs. John 9-74 197A Lew Barton same as above (?)
Paul, Bill 8-72 8-A Lew Barton yes
Pinchbeck, Walter 4-73 LUM 57A Lew Barton yes
Poems 5-74 LUM 187A Lew Barton yes
Prospect School Incident (monologue) 8-71 LUM 221A Adolph Dial yes
Ransom, Bessie O. 11-72 ? Janie Locklear  yes
Ransom, George 5-73 ? Janie Maynor Locklear yes
Ransom, Mr. & Mrs. George 7-69 214A Adolph Dial yes
Ransom, Vicky ? ? ? no
Regional Development Association Convention 4-75 254A Adolph Dial no
Reid, Thelma 7-74 194A Lew Barton yes
Revels, Larry 10-72 LUM 33A Lew Barton yes
Revels, Mrs. Nancy Lowry 7-71 244A Adolph Dial yes
Richardson, Ester Ann 7-74 195A Lew Barton yes
Richardson, Mr. Gid 7-74 193A Lew Barton yes
Richardson, Mr. Willie 7-74 196A Lew Barton yes
Rogers, Elias August 24, 1972 LUM 14A Lew Barton yes
Rogers, Mrs. Betty and Elisha Dial 4-75 216A Adolph Dial yes
Russell, Dr. John 4-73 100A Marilyn Taylor yes
Sampson, Barbara C. 11-73 129A Bruce Barton yes
Sampson, Betty 3-73 60A Lew Barton yes
Sampson, Bonnie G. 11-73 130A Bruce Barton yes
Sampson, Danny 4-73 93A Marilyn Taylor yes
Sampson, Gary 7-73 ? Lew Barton  no
Sampson, Mabe and John Godwin 5-69 217A Adolph Dial yes
Sampson, Margaret 11-73 132A Bruce Barton yes
Sampson, Mrs. Woodrow 11-73 142A Lew Barton yes
Sando, Joe 4-75 211A Adolph Dial yes
Scheirbeck, Helen 11-72 71 Janie Maynor Locklear yes
Sharpe, Jr. J.A. 9-72 4 Lew Barton yes
Sider, Dr. Gerald M. and Mr. James E. Chavis 8-71 251A Adolph Dial yes
Spirit Substance Barton 3-74 190AB Lew Barton yes
State of Lumbee Address 7-71 179A Lew Barton yes
Stone, Mrs. Cathy 8-73 158A Lew Barton yes
Stone, Robert 6-73 118A Lew Barton yes
Strickland, W.J. 12-72 44A Lew Barton yes
Stricklin, Nathan 12-73 151A Marilyn Taylor yes
Swett, James Bruce 8-73 149A Marilyn Taylor yes
Swett, Purnell May 20, 1973 LUM 89A Lew Barton yes
Taylor, Marilyn ?-73 51A Lew Barton yes
Taylor, Marilyn 7-73 139A Lew Barton yes
Town Meeting ? ? ? no
Turner, E.B., Bruce Jones, and Janie Locklear 10-72 28A Brenda Brooks yes
Warriax, John R. 7-74 191A Lew Barton yes
Warriax, Larry 11-74 197A Lew Barton yes
Warriax, Mrs. Alta Mae 11-73 143A Lew Barton yes
Watkins, Ed 4-73 95A Marilyn Taylor yes
Weber, Col. Frederick 3-73 61AB Marilyn Taylor yes
Weber, Katherine 3-73 55A Lew Barton yes
What People Want 5-74 180A Lew Barton  yes
Wilkins, Daniel Webster 8-73 148A Marilyn Taylor yes
Williams, Mrs. Elizabeth 12-73 166A Lew Barton yes
Wolf, Victor 4-72 96A Marilyn Taylor yes
Woods, Rev. James Harold 9-72 19A Lew Barton yes
Work By B? 4-75 255A Adolph Dial no
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