Beside the trickling brook: a collection of poems by Lew Barton

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Barton, Lew [Lewis Randolph]. Beside the trickling brook: a collection of poems by Lew Barton. Pembroke, NC: Barton House Publishing, 2001.


This book reprints poems by Lew Barton, chosen by his son Bruce and siblings. The poems are primarily from two collections: The uninhibited poetry of Lew Barton (1964) and Rhythm a little Lumbee (1961). Information about Barton House Publishing appears on page 1; about Lew Barton, on pages 2 and 17 (the latter profile was published in 1961 and briefly updated by the editor).

Poems include: “The lot of the Lumbee” (1966); “Some popular misconceptions of the American Indians”; “The Lumbee Trail”; “Way down Pembroke Trail”; “The American Indian”; and “River Lumbee.”

There are also several poems about the life of the poet or writer; poems using dialect; and a poem about the death of President John F. Kennedy.

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The book may be purchased for $15.98 (which includes sales tax) from: Barton House Publishing, Inc., PO Box 362, Pembroke, NC 28371
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