Lawyers ripped, but sanctions reduced

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"Lawyers ripped, but sanctions reduced.” UPI-BC Cycle. Regional News: Virginia. 20 Sept. 1990. 599 words.


A federal appeals panel kept a fine of $92,834 against William Kunstler, Lewis Pitts, and Barry Nakell, who defended Eddie Hatcher and Timothy Jacobs in the Robesonian hostage-taking trial.  But another $10,000 fine per lawyer was dropped.  The sanctions were levied under Rule 11, which pertains to frivolous lawsuits.  The three lawyers filed a lawsuit which the three-judge appeals panel said contained “glaring errors,” inaccuracies on basic points of law, and allegations against county officials that “strain credulity.”   William Kunstler maintained that Rule 11 cases are employed across the country to harass civil right attorneys.

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