Statistics on Robeson County, North Carolina

This page lists a selection of Web sites which provide, or link to, statistics on various aspects of Robeson County. The sites are grouped by topic or by the type of statistics they provide.





Crops and livestock statistics

United States Department of Agriculture
National Agricultural Statistics Service

Under “Browse NASS by Subject,” select a subject and then select North Carolina from the “Statistics by State” pull-down menu. After some intermediate steps, you will then be able to select Robeson County from a menu of counties. Data is available for a year at a time. Data includes crops, livestock, and farm statistics.



Annie E. Casey Foundation
Kids Count Data Center

Select “Data by State.” Then, select North Carolina. Then, under Profiles, select “View community-level profiles.” Under Counties, select Robeson. By selecting different Indicators, it is possible to view data including percentage of children without health insurance, percentage of low birthweight infants, percentage of low-income children who are overweight, child population by race and ethnicity, overall child population by age range, perent of children enrolled in regulated child care receiving subsidies, proficiency on end-of-grade test scores, percent of chidren in free and reduced lunch, percent of children in poverty, child fatalities, number of teen pregnancies, child abuse and neglect reports investigated, complaints against juveniles, percent of children in foster care, and more.


Collections of statistics/Census data/Demographics

North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management
Population Estimates and Projections

An excellent source for detailed data. Choose the data you prefer, using (1) the Quick Links pull-down menu or (2) (under the heading "Access Population Data") a broader category: State Highlights, County Estimates, Municipal Estimates, Census, County/State Projections by age, race or gender, or data related to demographics.

Under Quick Links, the county data is both the most recent year and projected growth. There are tables for age, race, and gender breakdowns.

National Center for Education Statistics
School District Demographic System

From the "Data Tools" pull-down menu, select "State/District Profile." Then select "School District Mapping and Demkographics." Select the state of North Carolina on the United States map. By selecting the "District" or "Schools" tab and mousing over Robeson County on the map, users can view a wide variety of statistics.

North Carolina Offics of State Budget and Management. State Data Center
Census and Survey Data

Lists a variety of 2000 Census, 1990 Census, and geographic data sources, available at the state, county, municipality, school district, census block, or voting district level.

U. S. Census Bureau. American FactFinder Quick Tables
Census 2000 Summary File 1 (SF1) 100-percent data: Robeson County, North Carolina

Basic facts, including total population; sex and age breakdowns; race breakdowns; household relationship data; households by type; housing occupancy; and housing tenure.

U. S. Census Bureau. State and County Quick Facts
Robeson County, North Carolina

This convenient collection of links is divided into these categories: People Quicklinks (2000 population, 2000 housing counts, 1990 census counts, historical population counts, and estimates from the 1990 census long form); Business Quicklinks (NAICS data for the 1997 economic census; minority- and women-owned business data; county business patterns profiles for 1993-1999); Geography Quicklinks (Tiger maps, metropolitan area definitions, and Congressional districts); and other links (FedStats, USA Counties, State Data Center, and Federal/State Cooperative Program for population estimates).


Crime and corrections

North Carolina Department of Correction. Office of Research and Planning
Automated System Query (ASQ)

  1. Under Services, click on: Statistics.
  2. Under DOC Statistics on the Web, click on: Automated System Query (ASQ).
  3. Under "Please Select an option," choose: 5. Start generating reports.

After a few more choices, click on: Define Report. Under Available Items, you'll be given the option to select a county.

This Web form allows users to build and view their own statistical report. For example, one can create a table showing, for the previous year, Robeson County's prison population, grouped by age and subgrouped by race and sex.



North Carolina Department of Commerce
Economic Development Intelligence System

Click on: County and State Reports. Look at the lower half of the screen, labeled County Reports.

This site routes you into a template for creating a county custom report or a county profile report. The up-to-date County Profile Report contains both recent certified data and projections. Data provided in the report includes the following: Demographics (population and growth, urban/rural, and population by age); working commuters (travel time, transportation modes); education; housing; income (median family, median household, median disposable, and per capita); employment (unemployment, wages by industry); quality of life; tax rate; childcare; healthcare providers; and a detailed map.

The form also allows creation of a Region Report.

North Carolina Department of State Treasurer
North Carolina County and Municipal Financial Information

This report includes a wealth of detailed data. The data includes a financial profile, general fund information, enterprise funds, cash investments and financing, debt information, capital resources and expenditures for schools, per capita revenues by source, and more. The data is available for multiple years.

North Carolina Employment Security Commission
Employed, Unemployed & Unemployment Rates

  1. Click on: Labor Market Information.
  2. Under Workforce Information, click on: Employed, Unemployed & Unemployment Rates.
  3. Under Labor Force Statistics, click on: Single areas for all years.

Then, select Counties. Finaly, select Robeson County. The report shows total labor force, number of people employed, number unemployed, and unemployment rate month by month for the current year. The monthly figures and annual averages are also shown for each year back to 1990.



U.S. Department of Education. Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics
Robeson County Schools

Click on: View state or county estimates.
Select North Carolina; then select Robeson County. The data is for 2003. The table provides a percentage of the county’s population lacking basic prose literacy skills, and a 95% credible interval with lower bound and upper bound.

State Board of Education. Department of Public Instruction. The ABCs of Public Education
Public Schools of North Carolina

  1. From this homepage, click on: Data and Statistics.
  2. Click on: ABC's of Public Education.
  3. Select the school year desired.
  4. In the Quick Search box, type in: Robeson County.

U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences
National Center for Education Statistics

  1. At the top, under School, College and Library search, select from the pull-down menu: Public School Districts.
  2. In the form for District Name, type in: Robeson County.
  3. Click on: Robeson County Schools.

The resulting brief district profile will provide links to additional information, including a table of all schools in the district, with enrollment data for each school; staff details for the district; and financial data, such as expenditures per student.



North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics
County level data available from SCHS

From this page, you have access to the following: the North Carolina CATCH (Comprehensive Assessment for Tracking Community Health) “county profiles”; the current annual County Health Data Book; the Basic Automated Birth Yearbook (latest year and nine previous years); BRFSS survey results (2000-2008); Cancer incidence in North Carolina (1994-2005); Cancer Profiles (alternate years, 2001 through 2007); Child Deaths in North Carolina (annual, 1999 through latest year available); child deaths; detailed mortality statistics; North Carolina health statistics pocket guides; infant mortality statistics; North Carolina reported pregnancies; North Carolina vital statistics, volume 1; and North Carolina Vital Statistics, volume 2: Leading causes of death. A few other special studies and reports have data at the county level.

County Health Rankings
Snapshot 2010: Robeson

A component of MATCH (Mobilizing Action Toward Community Health), a collaboration between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation an the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. The County Health Rankings provide reports for each state, with snapshots for each county in the state. The snapshots provide data on specific health outcomes and health factors for the county, usually as a percentage of that outcome or factor's prevalence within the county popuation. Then, the snapshot provides the county's rank within the state on two health outcomes; four health factors; and the overall ranking within the state on overall health outcomes and overall health factors.

Health: Cancer Incidence

National Cancer Institute
State Cancer Profiles

Under “Quick profiles,” choose North Carolina; then choose either a cancer site (i.e., bladder, breast, melanoma, etc.) or choose All Cancer Sites. The resulting profile will indicate which counties are rising, similar to the overall U.S.rate, below the U.S. rate, or falling. There is also a death rate report by county, and an incidence rate report by county.

Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
North Carolina Health Professions Data System

Click on: Download Data to view tables from the latest Data Book. Click on Robeson County to download a brief profile.

This one-page profile for the latest year available, provides statistics on number of physicians (family practice, general practice, internal medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology, and pediatrics), registered nurses, LPNs, physician assistants, chiropractors, optometrists, dentists, physical therapists, and more. Basic data on the county (including vital statistics and hospital/nursing facilities) is also included.


Highway mileage

North Carolina Department of Transportation, State Mapping Resources
Highway and Road Mileage Reports

The reports are listed at the bottom of the page with links to PDF files.


Travel and tourism

North Carolina Department of Commerce
Travel Economic Impact Model

From this page, use the pull-down menus to select a year and Robeson county.The resulting table shows revenues in millions for the year, and percentage change from the previous year. Textual data discusses the county’s rank among the 100 North Carolina counties; the payroll and number of jobs generated; and the state and local tax revenues generated. Date on total dollars in revenues goes back to 1991.


Voter statistics

North Carolina State Board of Elections
Voter registration statistics

To find Robeson County voter registration statistics, click on:

  1. Voter Registration, then
  2. Voter statistics, then
  3. Under By County, click on: Latest Statistics: then
  4. click on the date desired.

To find Robeson County election results, click on:

  1. Election Central, then
  2. Election Results, then
  3. General Election, then
  4. Select County Tab
  5. Click on: Robeson County