Appendix B. Lumbee names in the first tax list of Bladen (Robeson), 1769

From: Britt, Morris F. Appendices to Implosion: A history of the Lumbee Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina. Unpublished book-length manuscript.

Dr. Britt has specified the following usage limitations: Not to be reprinted for publication without written consent of the author. May be used privately.

The following individuals were classified as "Mulatoe" unless otherwise indicated:

Last Name First Name
Braveboy David
Braveboy Jacob
Cairsey [Kersey] Peter
Chevis [Chavis] Ishmael
Cox Simon
Cumbo Cannon
Doyal James and Wife*
Hammons Richd.
James Soloman
Johnston Thomas and wife
Jones Richard and wife
Jones William
Lamb Arthur
Lockliar ---ttrege [probably Guttredge]
Lowery James
Oxendine Cudworth
Perkins Joshua, with wife and sons George and Issac
Russel John**
Stapleton Joab [listed as white, elsewhere listed as Molatoe]***
Sweat John
Sweat Thomas
Wharton Daniel and wife
Wilkins William
Wilson John

*James Doyal [probably phonetic spelling of "Dial"] patented land on a prong of Ashpole Swamp in 1782 and sold to it to Samuel Hains in 1788 (Deed Book A, 166-168) Hains immediately sold it to White settler Jacob Alford (Book B, 146-147)

** There was a Thomas Russell north of Jacobs Swamp adjacent to ThomasButcher and Augustin Willis in 1789 (Book B, 102). Thomas had copatenteda 500 acre tract on Saddletree Swamp with Thomas lvey which they sold to Philip Blount in 1787 (Book A, 147-149). Another Lumbee Indian connectioni s suggested by the sale of land by Major Russell toEdmond Revel[s] in 1790 for 100 acres east of Drowning Creek and northwest of Jacobs Swamp - land adjacent to that of Thomas Russell.

***There was an unidentified Alexander Stapleton who purchased land patented by Ann Odom in 1779. The 100 acre tract was south of Arons Swamp, adjacent to Aaron Odom, and was sold by Alexander Stapleton to James Lowery 12 Feb. 1788 for 60 pounds( Book A, 143-144). This hints at a possible connection between the land salesman Lowery and the probableLumbee name of Stapleton. The name Stapleton does not appear in marriage bonds 1787- 1867 or the 1850 census of Robeson.